Sunday, April 23, 2006

Tacopina To Sue The Blogoshpere When He Finds It

Joey Tacopina revealed he intends to sue, sue somebody, anybody.

He has one small problem, he's trying to figure out where exactly to sue the blogoshpere. There may be an issue with jusisdiction.

Joey asked one of his associates if the blogosphere is in South Jersey. "Yeah boss, I think it's outside Trenton."

"Okay, I want youz guyz to file papers and we are going shut the whole fuckin' town down now."

He's upset his client, the murdering rapist Joran Van der sloot is being smeared. The kid who is hugged by local Arubans, and has done tons of community service and only lied 3 times without wavering his story must not be treated this way.

After all, his mother is Roman Catholic. God damn those murdering Van der sloots, they are really doing their best to bring back the tourists.

"When I'm done with them, I'll own that town," said an angry Tacopina. "Listen, I got my people in blogosphere and they are digging up all sorts of uninvestigated leads."

Joe says that just because Rudy Croes couldn't "shut Beth up" doesn't mean he can't stop Granny Toad and Flying Squirrel and Dancing Mermaid and Midget Widget.

But Joey, you're in the game a little late, when you come looking, we'll see you, welcome you in.

Like fish jumping in a boat, you don't get it. You're trying to shoot flies with a machine gun.

Welcome to the new world, you and you're murdering rapist clients have been here all along.

"Who are those people." "They're monkeys boss." "I know they're monkey's, but who are they?" "No boss they're name is scared monkeys." "Well they better be scared!"