Wednesday, April 26, 2006

N.Y. The Civil Suit Already a Success?

The civil suit filed against Joran and Paul Van der sloot has already been a success. It won't bring Natalee back or even confirm she existed after she met Joran Van der sloot, but it has been revealing.

It has certainly brought a lot of things into focus. It's evident the Van der sloots are very afraid of testifying anywhere under oath. Despite the empty threats of the Van der sloots attorney to sue anyone, he has exposed himself exactly as somone who mirrors his clients, a liar. In fact, Aruba has not held anyone accountable for lying.

The van der sloots have to pay an American attorney to attempt to create a Joran Van der sloot that does not match the facts.

"A sweet boy"
"Tons of community service"
"When we walk around Aruba, people come up and hug us."
"Did not harm this girl" (seems Joe T. cannot even say the name Natalee)
"Scholarships to American Universities"
"Only lied 3 times"


He purposely misdirected the family and police as to where he left Natalee
Still the last person with Natalee
When the police showed him a picture of her. "He didn't even know who she was"
Dropped $250 at the blackjack table the night Natalee disappeared
B151, the drink he bought Natalee, "is my drink when I go out."
Said of Beth, "that's not the way the mother of a missing girl should act"
"If I see Natalee I'd be mad."
"If they find the girl, I'd laugh"
"My father doesn't know what I do when I go out."

And as you'll see below, Joran, a night after he said he had to leave Natalee on the beach because it was a school night, and a night after he dropped $250 of daddy's money, where does Paul Van der sloot say he was at 2 a.m.? Gambling again!

This suit and the fear inspired attacks again on Natalee and Beth reek of misogny and self loathing and have only helped awaken the otherwise apathetic. The van der sloots via their attorney have criticized the police, the prosecutor, Beth and the media. Yet they consider Joran's lies, "mistakes of a scared kid."

When it comes to damaging reputations, it's the people of Aruba who should sue the Van der sloots for they have laid waste to Aruba. And it's only the beginning.

It certainly appears the risk of this lawsuit, which by anyone's measure is a longshot, is very great for the Van der sloots and Aruba. Not to mention the reputation, if there was one for Joe Tacopina.

Joe Tacopina has reenergized the very people he is trying to scare off and making his client look more guilty. He has also revealed another empty suit, Greta Van Susteren.

But the silver bullet for Beth Twitty is the release of her book and the attending tour, this is what Aruba and the Van der sloots will not be able to withstand and they know it.

Even Aruba has admitted, regarding the investigation that "mistakes were made." But now, with probabably the worst example of damage control ever seen, it has to be asked again, can Aruba be so inept or are they corrupt?

Nobody attacks their largest customer without good reason. What could that reason be?

It certainly appears that this has become a politcal decision rather than a legal case. As if they are waiting to tell us how they know Natalee is dead until they can write a scenario that is even barely believable, the outcome a political statement.

I believe Gerold Dompig was trying to negotiate a compromise, a plea bargain that nobody bought. Really, who would have known, what media consultant could have predicted that in this new world of internet finger police, this story wouldn't just go away. Even Tacopina is using his Canadian anti-american finger police to do some of his dirty work.

The Van der sloots are scared. Scared of what they've done, of their complete failure as parents and in a status oriented environment, they fear those around them.

Money is very objective. The fact that those of us who want Natalee brought home, have no interest in money is very powerful because we can't be bought like Joe Tacopina. The Van der sloots are paying to have someone defend them because they cannot defend themselves.

It is some consolation that the sentence has already been meted out, they will live this way the rest of their lives.

Van der straaten, Dompig and Janssen will not reveal how they know Natalee is dead. How her status changed from missing to murdered?

This is what is holding this case from moving forward. Everyone that follows this case believes they know the answer, but fear revealing the truth, the implications.

Critics of Aruba are more right than wrong, and this story is a lesson in values and the lack of them. The passion to live in denial as Aruba and the Van der sloots do, and the passion for the fame Tacopina craves often pulls you farther from the path of truth.

But the Dirty Police and Politicians, and the Kangaroo court will not define Natalee or the truth, they're self loathing cowards. As predicted, and common of corporate scandals, the guilty are running, running like the criminal Paulus. Van der staaten is gone, Jannsen is leaving, Joran is gone and Gottenbos is gone.

But as Joe Tacopina said, "someone has to learn a lesson." But it will be learned while running on a lifelong treadmill.

The murdering Van der sloots have much to fear, and they will have only themselves to blame.

Next to Beth, Tamikosmom continues to provide devastating evidence of the guilt of the van der sloots:

When Gabriel “Alberto” Leo and Charles Croes were led to the VDS’ residence at 2:00 AM just hours following the Twittys’ arrival on the Island … Deepak’s vehicle was in the VDS’ compound. Alberto climbed the fence and recorded the license (tag) number. However .... when they retuned to the VDS’ residence at 3:00 AM with the Twitty party … Deepak’s vehicle was gone.


1. Paulus called Joran on his cell …. Paulus states Joran was at the WYNDHAM gambling. Joran claims to Greta that he was outside the RADISSON when Paulus called him.

2. Joran claims he met up with Deepak at the Radisson …… Deepak’s vehicle was observed at his home at 2:00 AM …. One hour prior to the Twitty Party arrival at his house.

J. TWITTY: We showed up at his house, as I said, at about 3:00 in the morning. His father walks out, OK, and then his father gets on his cell phone after the police talk to him for about maybe 10 minutes. Next thing I know, the police are walking back and they`re saying, “We`re going to the WYNDHAM HOTEL. he says Joran is at the WYNDHAM, GAMBLING.",2933,186707,00.html

VAN SUSTEREN: That was something different that you guys were together two nights in a row, that he would call you the second night.

VAN DER SLOOT: Yes. I guess so. It wasn't really anything. He (Deepak) just called me, asked me where I was, and I said I was at the RADISSON. And that's where he came to. Then when we actually — when he came there, and I just finished up and then we were going to play blackjack at another casino. And so we went outside of the — we went out of the — out of the casino and stepped into his car there. And that's exactly when I got a phone call from my dad saying, There's people here in front of their house looking for their daughter.