Monday, June 12, 2006

Holland Scapegoats and Gets Blue Job From Jet Blue

I can't tell if we are witnessing a country, or as they like to say, a Kingdom, acting like a large corporation or a large corporation acting like a country.

"Not functioning properly"

If I had a job review like that, the word resume' would come to mind. Yet, Karin Janssen, Gerald Dompig, Dennis Jacobs and Jan Van der straaten are still on the payroll.

In fact, has anyone been held accountable for this performance review?

If you read a statement by Karin Janssen posted below, she clearly states that Holland is in control of the Natalee Holloway case and always has been. She even goes on to say that only Holland will decide to prosecute when and if they want.

Who said something to the effect that "I have more to tell, but I'm just not ready to do that right now?" Well it was Joran Van der sloot sounding alot like Karin Janssen or is it Karin Janssen sounding like Joran Van der sloot?

Didn't both Anita Van der sloot and Gerald Dompig say "look in other directions?"

Holland is now trying to paint this as taking over the Aruban Legal System, but they have already had it. Slap a coat of paint on it and call it the new Aruba? What are they doing now that they couldn't have done before?

Natalee's family pleaded for a change and it fell on deaf ears. Now we are supposed to believe that Holland had nothing to do with this mess?

This is about the murdering Van der sloots, not the security guards or the Kalpoe's alone. They would have been toast long ago is there weren't Dutch citizens involved.

It's a total smokescreen, and classic politics. Blame the very people you won't discipline because you know that they know you approved of what they've done, even if they publically say something different.

Yet the Dutch who like to see themselves as concise, are sure extremely vague and abstract when it comes to this case. They refuse to be specific when discussing what went on here.

Shame on Fox News for giving expertise to Arlene Schippers and Julia Renfro. Talk about not doing your homework.

"She just vanished" Arlene Schippers
"There was no reason to believe the boys were lying" Julia Renfro

But there was reason to believe the security guards were lying? Why?

And why charge them with rape and murder and claim "more than circumstantial evidence."

When asked about the racist angle, Ms. Schippers, said on Fox, "we don't like to talk about that." Wonder why?

Beth interfered with a coverup and not a prosecution.

Janssen, Dompig and Jacobs have a story to tell. They have jobs to prevent them from telling it.

Do you have any doubt that if they found themselves without income, they may have something someone might pay to hear?

We're at higher levels now. Rik Smid no doubt has some explaining how you can find cause to hold someone in jail for 3 months but not enough evidence to issue a search warrant for the suspects property?

I mean is it a coincidence but does it seem like the "legal system" in Aruba is waiting on a U.S. Court? Why? What possible connection is there?

Oh I know, I'll have to wait for Greta to ask Julia Renfro or Arlene, relative of Guido Wever, what the connection is?

So now we hear that the Van Cromvoirt's have left their big house and white contract to move off Aruba. Joining the Gottenbos' in picking up and leaving. Where to? Holland, of course.

All under the watchful eye of Karin Janssen.

Just curious Karin, if you found out Beth was related to Hitler, would that be a good thing? Do you see Hitler when you see a picture of Natalee? Is that why you refused to meet with Beth because you were too busy?

Way to stay focused. You have been shameful beyond words.

Who Blue whom, to sell insurance along with a $99 fare to Aruba? Why charge at all? We know that fare is not much more than buying lunch on a plane now so why bother when you're really trying to sell the value add's on you're lovely honeymoon in paradise?

The insurance, the weapons, the personal bodyguard, the drink taster... All the little features that make Aruba a cut above.

The Jet Blue Scapegoats, the security guards have benchmarked the price of a prison sentence on your behalf. A cynical marketing campaign aimed at Joe Tacopina's clientele and other New Yorkers. Not to mention the Philadelphia transvestite market and it's leader, Frank Rizzo.

But seriously, my son used to travel Jet Blue cross country 5 times a year, until yesterday. Its a small statement to be sure. But it's my own and it feels like freedom.

The suffering over injustice, over the horrific Van der sloots, is the flip side of freedom.

So it's just one little sign and about $2500 in fares, but hey it's nothing personal Jet Blue when I go elsewhere. Your future is People Express's past.

Blue me!

This is part of the statement released by Karin Janssen on 10/7. It sure sounds like Holland has always been in control of this case. It's time to revisit the differences in the way the security guards were treated and the Dutch suspects were treated.

'In the prosecution of criminal acts, the Public Prosecutor’s Office operates completely independent from the Minister of Justice and the Government of Aruba. The Public Prosecutor’s Office does not have to justify its actions with regards to the prosecution of criminal acts to the Minister of Justice or the Government of Aruba. All the accounting that the Public Prosecutor’s Office has to do, will be done before the Common Court of Justice of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba. Only the Common Court of Justice judges if the Public Prosecutor’s Office has done its work, the persecution of criminal acts, correctly. If that’s not the case, the Common Court of Justice can give the Public Prosecutor’s Office the necessary instructions. The Minister of Justice and the Government of Aruba do not have a say in this process. They cannot give instructions to the Public Prosecutor’s Office to prosecute somebody or to start a criminal investigation.'

Reporter: Okay, let me ask you about the search of Joran Van der Sloot house. Apparently this kid lived in an apartment that was connected to or sort of adjacent to his parents house.

Dompig: That is correct

Reporter: And the police only searched his apartment, deputy chief?

Dompig: That is correct. The fact is that we as a law enforcement agency always try to get the maximum. Meaning that we want to search as much places as possible. We were not granted by the judge a search warrant for the complete house, we only received the warrant for the apartment.

Reporter: But what about after Paul Van der Sloot was arrested, couldn’t you get a warrant to search the house then?

Dompig: It was also denied, we were a bit disappointed with that. The judge was coming from another island I must point out. He said we didn’t make a good enough case to get a warrant.

How do we know that Karin Janssen even knows how to request a search warrant? Her dna samples on the 3 suspects were thrown out by a judge.

Holland and Aruba are no more clear than the stories of the 3 suspects. Getting answers from anyone is difficult. It shouldn't be, it's real simple.

No Van der sloot, No Justice