Saturday, May 27, 2006

Aruba: Bad Business Gone Bad

"She just kind of vanished," Arlene Schippers

This insane and unprofessional quote again begs the questions, are these people stupid or corrupt? It seems to be a question that defines Aruba now. How on earth Arlene Schippers could make such a moronic statement considering she herself has said that she has seen the complete police file?

How can she make a stupid statement contradicting 2 police chiefs and the Prosecutor? Van der straaten called it a "murder." Dompig called it and "overdose" and Janssen called it a "homicide."

Yet Arlene Schippers says in the latest People magazine, "she just kind of vanished." This from a "lawyer" who for months lectured us, sometimes inaccurately on the Dutch Legal System.

So why then Arlene is Natalee's status not considered vanished instead of dead? So the charges against the 9 suspects should include premeditated vanishing?

Ah yes, your cousin is Guido Wever isn't he?

The night the police and Natalee's family arrived, Paul Van der sloot was hiding. If he had invited everyone inside and spoke the truth with a willingness to find Natalee, it would have happened all right there at that moment.

But the Van der sloots were hiding an awful truth and ran away. He told Joran not to speak, he refused to allow a search of his house and he went to court to prevent the FBI from getting involved in the case. Not the actions of someone wanting to clear his name.

They did not want anyone, especially the parents of Natalee, to know the truth. And now lash out like it was some sort of insult to want their daughter, now the victim of slaughter at the hands of the Van der sloots.

We always accuse Aruba of being more about money, but even at that, they are blowing it, big time. Spending money first on damage control by hiring John Pauly a media "specialist" backfired. And now, hiring Joe Tacopina, who seems to jump into the fray on issues that should be out of his concern, has only made both Aruba and the Van der sloots appear more guilty.

Throwing good money at bad money. Not only as a legal matter but as a lesson in business, this has also been "insane and unprofessional."

Paul Van der sloots judgement is the source of frustration again for Aruba. He blews his chance for an "accident" scenario and now it's too late. Nobody wants to talk about what really happened, only how to get out of this PR mess. But whether Aruba builds oil derricks or cranes or dreams of a Chinese take-out island, bad business is bad business, not built for the long haul. Without the clean money you can't hide the dirty money any more.

At that moment on the VDS property the Van der sloots and Kalpoe's controlled Natalee and the story of what happened. Still one year later they cannot corroborate any of their versions. They also wrote the altered future of Aruba, no doubt about that now. And now it's a battle to write history.

But why does the truth seem to cost so much? Or is it the lies that have cost Aruba so much.

Ms Schippers and the rest of the "elite" in Aruba deserve misfortune for what they have done. Her pleading for the poor people of Aruba and her response when asked about the security guards, "we don't like to talk about that," show an almost inhumane soul.

Schippers is both corrupt and stupid.

Vanished: To pass from a visible state to an invisible state, to fade, as vapor vanishes from the sight by dissapation.

So add her definition of what happened to Natalee to the others and it still doesn't matter.


Holloway Case: ‘Holland, intervene’

Amsterdam: Exactly a year after the disapeearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba, the investigation is stuck.

Criminal law expers and Natalee’s Mother only see one solution: Holland has to intervene.

Dutch detectives have to take control of the policeteam that on Aruba is investigating the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. This is argued by criminal law expert Peter van Koppen.

After a year the investigation of the disappearance of the Amarican teenager is stuck. At least nine persons are accused of having kidnapped and murdered Natalee, more than 280 witnesses have been heard and there’s a file of over 40,000 pages. But what happened to Natalee in the early morning of may 30th 2005 on Aruba ? The investigators don’t know.

Criminal law experts and people involved have the impression that police and justice on Aruba are completely lost. It seems like the Arubans are capturing suspects randomly, says Van Koppen.

It would be wise if ‘a Dutch team takes over the case instead of having the Arubans dragging on the investigation. The current policeteam is apparently not able to distinguish ripe from green. A good Dutch team could manage it.

Lawyer Gerard Spong, who as lawyerr of the suspect Guido W. got to know the file agrees with Van Koppen. Spong calls the Aruban investigation amateurish. According to him the case is so complicated that a college of three judges should handle it. This is not possible in Aruba.

Also the mother of Natalee Holloway, Beth Twitty, hopes that Dutch detectives will eventually shed some light on the case. In an interview with the AD she calls the investigation on Aruba sofar a mess.

Aruban lawyers notice that witnesses and suspects are continously being called for questioning again. People who have been interogated twenty times already, get sick of it. Several suspects refuse to even talk to the police anymore, according to a lawyer. Police and justice on Aruba refuse to comment.