Sunday, May 21, 2006

New Arrest In Holland: Arlene Schipper's Cousin

on Dutch TV news.

The arrested person is Guido Wever, father is Frohverd Wever, he is a cousin of Arlene Schipper, he is still in The Netherlands, being interrogated, daily.

He seems to have moved from Aruba to the Netherlands 14 days after Natalee disappeared.
He was a "croupier" at the HI Casino and had been questioned before by Aruban police.

The reason for his arrest is, murder, kidnapping, sexual assault

The police seem to have some 'evidence'.

He was questioned as a witness before 3x by Aruban police and 2x by Dutch police.

Last bit of the news report.... he has retained a very well known Dutch lawyer, Gerard Spong (He is Surinam/Dutch). One of the top 3 Dutch lawyers

Hey Tito, why you lie to Momma?