Thursday, May 04, 2006

Joran looking for that "black street cred":Bangbus in Aruba?

The title of this group photo is Bangbus crew. It's from the tickle site mentioned below:

Message from Poster:

BMS DUDE swa bo sa bon bon cu bangbus core no ta faya jun trip swa i si no tin trip nos ta traha un sigur sigur boy bebemento allout anto Bati Party na ordo hahahahahaha bms no por faja esey Bms Bro jega bo tin cu Jega pa nos destrosa caya swa heheheheh PEACE OUT IGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo entitled bulletproof nigga with guy in bulletproof vest.

Also see Army of 3 photo. Joran's former girlfriend Melody is listed as friend. Poster Rashid tells him to keep on pimping and PRODUCING.

So many of these refer to Bahia, C&C and Chose a Name bars.

White kid looking for black street cred? It may be normal for kids to look for role models but as parents, we all know where the line is. It's called being responsible parents, to know where that line is.

Joran crossed that line, with ease.