Saturday, April 29, 2006

Rudy Croes & Nelson Oduber: Dumb and Dumberer

...or corrupt and corrupterer?

You're leadership, or lack of it has been an epic example of corruption and stupidity, on display for the world to see.

It takes alot to make other politicians around the world look good.

But you're continual attempts to close this investigation and the phony double-speak has brought pain to alot of people, you're ineptitude epic. And of course you blame the media. Do you blame the mirror when you see the ugliness that is Rudy Croes?

You're whores cannot keep quiet Rudy, although you probably thought you could "shut them up" too.

Yes Rudy Croes, the one who confirmed one of the suspects confessed and the police were being led to her location, only later to issue a retraction.

You called it a misinformation campaign. Then showing what a fairy tale spinner you are, followed up with this limp wristed plea:

From June 29th, 2005, Aruba Urges Netherlands to End Holloway "Fairy Tales"

WILLEMSTAD, 6/29/05-Minister Croes of Aruba wants the Dutch government to show official support to the island. He says fairy tales about the dissappearance of American schoolgirl Natalee Holloway are systematically appearing in the US media.

So the same Rudy Croes who confirmed then retracted Natalee's death, a suspect's confession and spoke of shutting up Natalee's Mom is blaming the media for "fairy tales?"

Aren't you the same Rudy Croes who said this would blow over? Seems like you're the one who's sprinkled with fairy dust Rudy.

Or were you speaking about Joran Van der sloots stories? Or Stanley Zaadam's opinion that Jan van der straaten looked the other way for 10 days after Natalee was found as a favor to Paul Van der sloot?

I guess Holland did show support by calling the investigation "insane and unprofessional."

Is it money or your life you fear in wanting to shut down the investigation when you're Chief of Police has called this a murder case, the prosecutor says it's homicide and the ex-new Chief has called it an overdose? They have enough information to make these claims, yet don't have enough evidence to convict someone? What fairy tales? Are they fairy tales from the same people who spread the misinformation campaign?

You would rather rely on the self satisfaction that you did all you could but it would be self delutional and incomplete. The passion was always from your mind of protecting Aruba or someone in Aruba as if the Hollway case was a political incident. But given 2 bad options you've chosen the worse of the 2.

You don't want resolution and your energy even by it's timidity is clearly anti-Natalee. Can your foot go any deeper into your mouth when you do open it?

Where is the condemnation regarding the Van der sloots attorney coming on American television nightly criticizing the police, the prosecutor and the Holloway/Twitty families?

Why no interest in "shutting him up?"

And what of Nelson Oduber? Does he even exist? The last I heard from him, he said "nobody is above the law" and he's "tired of the case." Tired of the case? Does he get tired watching other people exercise? What has he done?

Natalee was no fairy tale, but a real person. Slaughtered by predators and citizens of Aruba. An epic display of bad leadership of which you will be held accountable for you're cowardice, stupidity and corruption.