Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Karen Janssen is Smiling

Her incompetence is astounding. But she wasn't hired to be a prosecutor was she? From what we know of Aruba is there any doubt that the job does not require going after criminals in Aruba?

Her incompetence is what Aruba uses to allow criminals to flourish. Now, she's mad that Diario has released a statement taken by a police officer. A statement by Joran Van der sloot.

She has been silent while the Van der sloots have been on television doing interviews and while their attorney has been almost nightly reading from police files trying to point fingers at anyone but Joran. But Tacopina is not accused of interference?

That's okay, but not this statement? She ignored Natalee's family, took her 2 week vacation right before the suspects were released and now is leaving the island. No doubt she's spent time looking for other work and a place to live.

Her utter weakness has benefitted her fellow Dutch murdering Van der sloots who are all running to leave Aruba. Leave it in shambles.

How interesting the case has dragged on, her promise of fireworks, her written statement that Natalee probably was murdered but people were not talking, duh!

If I wrote on this blog that the prosecutor had written the U.S. Department of Justice asking if they could confirm or deny that Beth Holloway was related to Hitler it wouldn't be believed, some sort of bad joke. Sadly, it's true.

She didn't write for help she wrote to inquire about Natalee's mother's heritage. Does the cruelty never end? How is this relevant?

Janssen can be forgiven for being over her head, that's why she got the job. But her lack of class and her utter lack of professionalism and cruelty to Natalee and her family is shameful.

How sad that we got our hopes up because she seemed upbeat, smiling. Now we know why. She was said to be happy just before we found out she was leaving Aruba, it never had anything to do with prosecuting the guilty.

I only wish she had done something, anything to give Natalee that same chance, to leave Aruba and go back to her loving parents.

Enjoy next Christmas with your family Ms. Janssen.