Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Hey Anita, What was Joran doing on the Internet??

"A sweet kid" "tons of community service"

March 3, 2006

VAN DER SLOOT: ....... And you're like, you know, what, you know what are
you doing? Because it was - it was a normal - it was a normal thing for us
to do, you know, go to our friends, go to the beach, talk to American
tourists, you know, then go out with them and have a good time and, you
know, nothing - nothing ever bad has ever happened. I mean it's happened
probably 20, 20 times nothing has ever gone wrong.

Anybody who has ever been anywhere near a computer knows exactly what the bangbus is and what we're all about. We cruise around in our pimped up van and pick up stupid sluts who think we're going to pay them for sex. After we're done fucking their brains out we kick them to their ass to the curb. You've gotta see it!

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