Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Loverboy (2003) Dutch TV

Who's internet name was Loverboy, Anita?

This is a review of a Dutch film:

This film is about loverboys, men who seduce young girls/women and force them in to prostitution. They're not very friendly people, usually using violence so that their victim is too afraid to do anything about their situation. So what do you do when you make a movie about loverboys? You make the loverboy a nice guy, someone who falls in love with his victim, awww isn't that romantic? Yes it is and that's the whole problem about this movie. It totally underrates the problem. Never is there a real threat, Denise the victim never seems to be stuck in her situation, she isn't forced to become a prostitute, she isn't forced to stay one. At the end she finds out that the loverboy has other girlfriends and then she just quits with the guy. Just like that.

One can argue that it wasn't the intention of the makers to make a film about the real problem, the actor portraying the loverboy did acknowledge that in real life the loverboy situation is far more violent. However since this film is about the only one about loverboys it's regarded as a good source and a good representation about it. And that's the real disturbing part since the film more or less promotes the good side of loverboys more than emphasize the negatives. At least the previous commenter also knows better.

In the Dutch show 'Cut (2003)' there was an episode about loverboys as well, but handled so much better. Especially since it didn't have a happy ending, and the girl that was the victim disappeared just like many do in real life.

Another coincidence Anita? Do you even know what your son was doing at night? Like father like son.