Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Joran Getting "Back on Track" To Rape and Kill Again

With all the writing regarding the Kalpoe's car and the evidence not collected, it really needs to be reminded that this was a car for hire. Joran and Natalee occupied the back seat.

Only places where Joran was, which means where Natalee was, are of interest if you are looking to either prosecute or save someone. You can't destroy evidence unless you find it.

Maybe asking to borrow a car, but asking your new friends to drive you around? This doesn't come without some sort of financial or silent agreement.

Just as a cop wouldn't cover up something that didn't relate to Joran, the Kalpoes weren't just drivers without some vested interest in the car ride around Aruba with Natalee.

You don't make yourself liable to something you weren't liable to in the first place. Isn't that right Steve Croes?

The car, and the van der sloot property, not Joran's apartment are all part of the crime scene trail, places unsearched properly for a reason.

No doubt one of things that even some vaunted Dutch Criminal Law Experts called "strange and unprofessional" and, "total madness."

Unless of course it was meant to be that way.

Not even Joran's clothes were taken for forensic testing, and this even after he obstructed the investigation and is still the last person with Natalee when she "disappeared."

Is she "disappered" or dead?

Why are we believing Janssen and Dompig and Van der straaten, they called it a murder when the security guards were in custody, so how good is their word, or "opinion."

Is it based on Joran's words? The same words used as evidence of suspicion to arrest the security guards?

The crime scene was the Van der sloot property, what happened there Paulus? There was no rave party, the party was at your house, because you were alone. Natalee would have more likely gone willingly to a house where the father was. In every other world but yours that would seem safe to an 18 year old girl.

But just how did you raise a son capable of "dropping a girl on the beach? And care's so little to not even remember her name?

Where's Natalee, Paulus?

And the Van der sloot attorney, Joe Tacopina, made an appearance on the cowardly pro-Joran websites, This site frequented by people who are not sleuths and certainly cowards. They find the truth about Joran offensive, they don't find Joran offensive only the truth about him since it requires them to disregard the facts and get focused on hating what?

Question #5 from the Canadians.

The massive amount of publicity against your client for the last 11 months has irrevocably affected his life for the worse. Even if the civil lawsuit is dismissed after oral arguments on the 17th, how important is it for you to publicly clear his name, by presenting the true facts as well as making examples of those who slandered him?

Joey's response:
"It is very important which is precisely why we have conducted ourselves in the manner we have. (Threatening) Going on an agressive campaign in the media to show his innocence and to actively deploy investigators to uncover facts that provide some answers to what happened on May 30. As a dendendant, we have no burden whatsoever to prove anything. And as you know Joran is not charged with any crime however, because I care greatly about this young man and his family, I intend on doing everything in my power to help him get his life back on track and to hold those accountable who have slandered Joran."

Never has such a load of totally laughable bullshit been spoken. Except by Joran.

You, Tacopina, are the only one who has slandered Joran. Wasn't it you who said he was a "sweet kid" who left a girl coming in and out of consciousness on the beach? Wasn't it you who said he has done "tons of community" service.

Clearly you slander the dirty name of the murdering raping van der sloots.

And what about Jossy Mansur? He is releasing very damaging information taken from the same source as you, the police reports. Nothing to say about them?

What have you come up with Joey? Nothing. And now you back track by saying you don't have to prove his innocence. Sounds like Mr. Mansur has called your bluff and you folded, pal.

Get his life back on track? I guess you've arranged a date with one of your daughters in Atlantic City, and given him some gambling money too?

And the casino's are right on the beach. But tell her to wear a name tag.