Monday, May 08, 2006

Van der Sloots Have no Answers

From Jossy Mansur, waiting for a response from Joey Tacopina.

"They are far from being smart. If they were, they would have come clean with an accidental death theory. But, they persisted in lying over and over again, and that has gotten them into worse trouble than they expected."
"We believe that Natalee was buried for one night near the fisherman's hut, then was dug up by other people close to Joran (or his father) and disposed of at sea. That is what we believe, but cannot prove. One key person in this case left the island hurriedly one or two days after Natalee disappeared, and that is Koen. He was sent to Holland and has never come back. Now they are selling their home at Malmok, giving us to understand they have moved permanently to Holland. We believe he had a strong hand in this affair."

"Joran has always been a problem child. Ever since he was 10 he was known by neighbors to bombard houses and passing cars with stones. Of Deepak we know very little, only that he flies off the handle in a jiffy and is known to have had anger problems before."

"What the information we were able to obtain in the course of this investigation, Paulus has been described by people who know him well as a womanizer and a gambler. I can't imagine how, being a member of the Ministry of Justice staff, he would go out with Joran to casinos and sit with him at the blackjack table to gamble and drink together. In casinos, they normally serve free drinks to gamblers, perhaps to entice them to spend more money or to force them to slacken whatever control they might have over their impulses to throw away money. That much I can inform you about these two characters. We know a lot more about Joran, but I think we covered that ground before."

"… In Greta's interview with Joran, Joran told her emphatically on two occasions that he never received counseling by a psychologist. But, in Paulus' statement to the Police, he says that Joran did receive psychological aid because he beat up his younger brother at home and something about his parents money disappearing! We will publish the document also and our interpretation of it."

"We also recently obtained the original video recording that Jamie Skeeters made (not the one shown on Dr. Phil!), and in it Deepak compromises himself seriously. We will continue to publish the documents that we have tomorrow and everyday thereafter, until one of them breaks down or starts to counterattack."

"I don't know what KJ will do, but she is getting a lot of help from the pressure we are putting on the three suspects. I don't totally discard the idea that they could be re-arrested, but have heard nothing from the authorities to indicate that as yet…the right person could work out a plea bargain with one or two Kalpoes so that the end of this painful affair might come to a close."