Monday, May 15, 2006

Aruba: Gateway to Nowhere

If there's any middle management fat left in Corporations, they would look like the governement of Aruba, only more mature. The sheer amount of incompetence is only matched by the amount of cowardice on display by the men in this picture. One can imagine this photo was taken after someone asked how Oduber's China "Gateway" initiative is going?

Nelson Oduber, the nominal eunich of Aruba, just back carrying a gift from his Chinese connection, a fortune cookie, is again reshuffling the same deck of cards. Now Rudy, "this will blow over," Croes is said to be the "victim" of this new "new" restructuring.

But he keeps control of the police, the Prosecutor and Legal Affairs. Huh? I guess when the consultants for the Head Office in Holland calls the operation insane and unprofessional, it's Rudy who's got that "portfolio." Or will he? Both lead investigators are gone and one, Van der stratten is off the island, the Public Prosecutor is leaving and it sound like Rudy is next to vacate.

All of them too cowardly to stand up for anything meaningful. How sad, Croes is not even embarrassed to be called a "victim" again by an Aruba Newspaper. Just as he was a victim of disinformation when Joran confessed and his office confirmed her death to the world, he is now the victim of the cold shoulder. These men in Aruba have tremendously thin skin.

For a guy that's supposed to lead he sure seems to be victimized often. Weak Rudy. No more whores to take care of, no more power, just the cabal of Dirty Cops who own you now.

But you'll bail on them, they just don't know it yet. Just like you're once co-conspirators are seperating so will you from Van der straaten and Jacobs. The 3 of you acting like the suspects blaming each other, pointing fingers, defending yourself by giving up any credibility.

To continue to defend the Van der sloots is to reveal a cowardice, souless and insecure nature. A hate which reveals the bitterness of your own life, more proud of your corruption than embarrassed by your incompetence. All good things come to and end Rudy, and it is for you and Dennis Jacobs and Jan Van der straaten. There is no clock to run out, it's more like baseball and we're only in the middle innings.

Both Croes and Nelson Oduber know what happened that night almost a year ago. But moving out the ones who are complicit will not save you or them. Regardless of the civil trial or the case in Aruba, you've made mistakes in a world where running takes you no further away from the mess you've made.

Nothing is local anymore.

"Mistakes were made." And those mistakes, which still yet to be defined haven't been corrected have they?

How long until the blame goes right to the source, Joran and Paul Van der sloot?

Forgot which side your bread is buttered? Got between a mother and her daughter? Defended the murdering rapist, Joran van der sloot and allowed their paid empty suit to continue to enrage your largest customer.

But your own words Mr. Oduber will be your epitaph, "Nobody is above the law."

And I thought you were referring to Paul Van der sloot when you said this.

I bet, Nelson, if you open your fortune cookie it will say this:

No Van der sloot, No Justice.