Monday, May 22, 2006

Holland: "A National Embarrassment"

The more sedated or "out her mind" a girl is, the more exciting it is for these predators. Their games the most exciting thing in their lives, the charge of premeditation chills most people into not thinking about those implications. Like snakes that harm your family, they are scary but you know you need to kill them, and quickly.

"heavy battery" is one of the charges now. Added to premeditated murder, rape, kidnapping and the assault on Natalee continues.

These are the moments that continue to hurt, just when you worry that interest in drying up, another assault against Natalee is revealed. It hurts and it seems a perfectly organic response to fight back.

Fight back the way Natalee did, against these abandoned predators, their vices nurtured by parents whose lives had become vicarious.

Now Holland is exposed more directly with what a reporter called a "national embarrassement." They may not like the U.S. but they like less the prospect of being embarrassed. Despite our own embarrassment, Greta Van Susteren contining quest to sniff more booty.

These suspects are not fighting the truth or Natalee's family. They're fighting each other in a high stakes game of finger pointing. But it's comforting to know the pressure is still on the Van der sloots, where it belongs.

When it's revealed who exactly is paying for Tacopina, the whole structure will become more clear. The Dompigs will really seem innocent by comparison. I only hoping that the Netherlands plays the part lacking these suspects, and define the limits of acceptable behavior and lack of accountabilty. Or even, just good business sense if you want.

Is the premeditated part of all these charges because of the casino? If premeditation is another level of crime, then the casino's a sort of ground zero for the connections to this case.

It's who can we make most liable, regardless of the truth. A power play, the same male power play that created these misognyst predators.

I really believe the truth in this case is something even the most cynical of those who want justice for Natalee will find horrifying.

You can feel it.

The suspects and complicit just coming out of shock at what they've done. They know their life is a sentence now.

The parents know what happened, but paying an attorney to speak about your children, for me, says it all.

When you can't speak about your father without an attorney involved and vice-versa, well you were out on May 29th, 2005. Tacopina and now Spong, these lawyers have their niche for a reason. They represent those in deep. The kind of deep that scares most people.

Tacopina sound a little nervous himself, even incoherent at the moment, as if he and his client's have taken a body blow. Time will tell how damaging it is.

"Heavy battery?"

I think I want to speak with my father, what's his lawyer's number?