Sunday, May 28, 2006

Who Else Was at the Van der sloots One Year Ago?


1. The act of speculating, arranging, or plotting in advance
2. Law. the contemplation of a crime well enough in advance to show deliberate intent to commit the crime; forethought

And we to believe what after one year? That Aruba knows Natalee is dead but can't use the evidence they base this on to bring anyone to justice? Of course, someone we already know of has seen her dead and confessed to that fact, but why refer to "a body" if there isn't one?

A distraction or...

One year later, Paul Van der sloot awaits a judge's decision as to the size of his compensation in an Aruban court while Beth and Dave Holloway are hoping for a longshot to be allowed to even present a case in the United States.


The Chief Prosecutor hasn't spoken to Natalee's family in 9 months. Beth has been accused of interference yet the attorney for the Van der sloots keeps getting paid to interfere without criticism. Still no corroborating story for Joran's actions the last night anyone saw Natalee and he wants to be added to the Aruban settlement. Joe Tacopina has not yet apologized to Aruba has he?


Without proof of Natalee's existence the prosecutor(lost, unprofessional) and 2 police chiefs believe Natalee is dead. They cannot reveal how they know, but feel compelled to hint.

One year and no person is in custody for "heavy battery," "murder," "overdose," "vanishing," and the most suspicious word of all consistently coming out of the Prosecutor:

Premediated, why Ms. Janssen, with what evidence?

The U.S. State Dept. Report:Netherlands, 2005

...trafficking of women for sexual exploitation was a problem...trafficking of girls for sexual exploitation was a problem..

...the law criminalizes trafficking in persons; however, was a problem.

On January 1 legislation came into effect, which increased the maximum sentence for trafficking in persons to 12 years' imprisonment in case of serious physical injury and 15 years' imprisonment in case of death...

Deepak to Joran: "they're going to give you 15 years if they find the girl"
Joran to Deepak: "For what, for what?"
Deepak to Joran: "That scholarship of yours, Byeeeeeee, you can forget it!"

Amost a year ago...

Tim Miller, Equusearch: Well, Nancy, I think if we leave this island, I believe the search is totally over with. We evaluated some things the night before last, felt as though maybe we`ve not covered everything as well as we wanted to.

We found an area up close, a fisherman`s hut, that we were interested in. We actually rented a backhoe. We went in there, cleared some debris out. There was a couple of mounds of dirt that we went ahead and cleared out.

And where we found that area today that kind of looked like a grave, which looked exactly like a grave -- we know what that looks like -- I`m not thoroughly convinced yet that that didn`t at one time or another have something to do with Natalee. We actually got a...

GRACE: Well, Tim, what makes you think it doesn`t? Why are you convinced it doesn`t?

MILLER: Well, see, we actually got a lead on that from a guy that we searched in one area on the total other side of the island that told us that we needed to go over there and what to look for. And when we walked in there, he said, "Stay away from that hole, because there is probably evidence there."

So it was like maybe somebody knew something and was sending us over there. So, you know, at this time, I really don`t know. You would have had to see what we saw to really understand what I`m saying.

And so, it`s things like this that we`re finding every day that ends up, at the end of the day, we may be disappointed, but you know what? If we stay and we continue, there is that small, small chance that we may end up and find her.

Insane, unprofessional and lost...