Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Aruba: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

When you're on a fixed income, wholly dependant on the nanny state, there is no incentive to even do your job, you're just window dressing.

Karin Janssen and the VDS defenders stunted growth comes from being manipulated, like helpless lapdogs who want to click their heels and run down the yellowbrick road back to the arms of the nanny state.

The lack of soul is never having to have one. Fostered by fascist tendencies and the duty to take care of "their own." "Mistakes were made." But who made them and what lessons have been learned are nowhere to be found? Janssen and Jacobs and van der straaten remain doing the exact job, no retraining, no demotion, no pressure. But if you're black, like Dompig, or the security guards, capitalism applies.

The ones that had a soul, were paid to "let go." Even the soothsayer, Mickey John, the guard arrested, his picture beamed all over the world with words like murder and kidnapping attached to it. Even his honest assessment, was followed by silence, a pattern followed all the way to U.S. Congressman Spencer Bachus.

"Well like I said before, the justice system, the detectives, they're fools. They have to go back to school. And they were used, like, a scapegoat, used, like, a black person in society to cover their mess."

Mess being the premeditated drugging, kidnapping an murder of Natalee by Paul and Joran Van der sloot and the Police Union's involvement in the No body, No case strategy.

Wasn't the news of an arrest in the Jon Bonet Ramsey case out of leftfield? I had an odd feeling when I heard it.

Of course it's positive but I can't deny it seemed bittersweet and somehow bad news. As if it might take that long to bring the van der sloots to justice, and will it take that long for Natalee's parents to be able to bury their daughter?

Can we stay at it for 10 years? Well someone did for Jon Benet Ramsey, someone. A hero we don't even know and probably won't. Whether or not this guy is for real, it was jarring because it had been 10 years. The only good news is it wasn't dropped or "moved on" like Anita Van der sloot's sychophants suggest.

But because I've seen so many heroes standing in for Natalee through this whole experience, we can't move on. The small practical part of me knows I should move away, focus on "other things." Yeah, I could work just a little harder on "other things" and not have to haggle over the price of a nice car. Gee, wouldn't that be nice? So, do you put the time into making money, or into something that is purely instinctual? Something where there really will be no reward that I haven't already gotten? I've heard the "don't be quitter" thing since I can remember. An ironic statement that can also be fascist in its manipulation of who determines what quitting is. The statement always seemed shallow.

Until now.

The faceoff between extremely cowardice men in the case and the ferocious power of women refusing to go quietly is exactly what this crime was in the first place. Yes, have you noticed the most heat and the best posts come from women of experience. Do you know them? I do. Why "move on" when you're connected to so many extraordinary people. A lifetime in a cubicle or waiting on those governemnt checks will never expose you to such flesh and blood.

Courage is being a grandmother, working full time, giving of yourself to your family and protecting yourself. Years of ups and downs emotionally. Flourishing for a long time already. There are alot of women like that behind Natalee.

Do you think these women really are intimidated by anything? Or afraid of bullies?

The connection is directly to Natalee in ways more important than a last name. It's a bloodline that grows like roses. Sometimes they just bloom intensely in the strangest places.Their popping up all the time on the front page comment section of Scared Monkeys.

Have you ever seen one? There are dozens here right now, right here, in this moment. These are more than names, they are the power that makes men afraid. The violence a lashing out.

Spencer Bachus, Joe Tacopina, Jan Van der straaten, Gerold Dompig, Rik Smid, Antonio Carlos, Alexander Gottenbos, von cromfoirt. I mean, if these guys were actors they could play each others roles. Interchangeable.

Self Conscious Cowards. The lack of respect they have given Natalee is as low as it gets. Absolute shameful.

What are you standing behind when you defend the van der sloots? Money? The Law? Oh yeah that's a ringing endorsement. You know the posters who are of the same mentality, teenage boys.

How blind if you think for a minute the shamelessness with which you have acted is going to be even for a minute forgotten. It's not a threat as a bully would think. It's organic. It's obvious. These women will be there, nameless as the person who didn't give up on Jon Benet.

How do you see this? It's just names on a computer, the identity of these people comes with a subjective eye.

A teenage boy, or a late thirties loser still living with mommy may not be able to appreciate this power, but a grandmother who's been through the battles of age, can spot you immediately. A nuisance like a lone gnat.

Risking their jobs, losing their jobs, risking alot for Natalee, and Karin Janssen can't even skip a vacation? Are you wallowing in shame or doing "other things" in your life. But I know Natalee is a tattoo on your face every day, it just is.

Karin Janssen, and not Arlene Schippers is the bimbo of the century. And if I can find any beauty in this,in the savage misognyistic hate crime against Natalee, in her defenders, then I can denegrate such a poor excuse of a "professional" and woman. She was blinded by the sun or submissive to a sociopath.

Janssen lived in fear on Aruba. A title without power. A complicit criminal or a hotel concierge is her legacy.

Bachus looked like a good guy at first, I really thought he looked sincerely distressed when I saw the brief video of him. I honestly thought this was a guy who had felt the pain.

But to find out he was suffering from food poisoining and had ruined his last pair of 3 day old Fruit of the Loom underwear was just another cruel letdown.

Or maybe he's holed up in his apartment in Washington blogging with names like, Shango or Mudhoney?

Aruba has, in it's own way told us what happened to Natalee, they just refuse to give her back. Holding her hostage so the nanny state can still send those paychecks.

If you look at the Chief of Police, both of them, and the Prosecutor, you can see that they know what happened to her, they just don't want to do anything about it, they have unsolved a case they have already solved. It's in their words and actions.

Right away, Chief Van der straaten identified this as a "murder." He informed us, via his spokesperson that there was "more than circumstantial evidence."

The next Chief of Police, Dompig said she overdosed, her body was moved several times and that the 3 main suspects are "guilty as hell." He also said cryptically that in the early days (sic) you probably have already spoken to the ones responsible.

Then the Chief Prosecutor speaks via the charges, or arrests on suspcicion. It's the only way she can reveal what she knows.

"Heavy Battery, kidnapping, rape, murder" etc.

But most important, PREMEDITATION.

All of this true.

None of this comes from the media, it isn't rumor it's from their own mouths. These are the people responsible for the investigation and the prosecution on Aruba. Yet they are so helpless they want to blame the U.S. and not their own Mommy, Holland.

As time goes by, there are no other theories, no talk of running away or beach flashers. It's the van der sloots and everyone knows it. Time hasn't muddled anything, it's only entrenched people who have made themselves complicit or have lied. "There's no place like home, there's no place like home."

Natalee was targeted by Paul Van der sloot. Natalee sitting between the father and son. She was drugged and taken back to the VDS home where she died. I don't believe they even got around to doing all they premeditated. They couldn't claim an accident because of the presence of drugs. So they blamed it on Natalee. Classic.

Instead of calling for help, they just threw her away and began formulating stories. No body, no case became the inspirational rallying cry for the Van der sloots to enlist help, threaten anyone even remotely involved.

Gerold Dompig knows this. This theory is corroborated by their own statements. She was targeted, drugged, overdosed and her body moved and destroyed.

As for the U.S. governement. I believe they have already acknowledged, in their way, what happened here. Asking Dompig for his source was the minimalist version of saying, "you're full of shit." And to have the Director of the Violent Crimes Unit present for a meeting with the Aruban delegation that came to seduce Congressman Spencer Bachus is another sign that they knew already what happened.

But the network for Natalee is actually growing and not shrinking. I'm amazed at how many people, who once thought it cultish, seem to grow more interested. As if Beth's enactment of Paul Revere was a bell they are starting to hear more loudly. Maybe something in their own lives, where they've felt enough is enough or just realizing they haven't really given of themselves to help others.

Either way, it's growing. And the intensity, a collective female force that has the staying power to squash cowards like the van der sloots and the other Dutch men of entitlement. Just an amazing experience, a hopeful one.

Aruba's Yellowbrick Road not paved with gold any longer. Just sand. Turned to dust by a list of women too long to believe. The thorns to Natalee's rose.

It's in their blood.