Thursday, August 10, 2006

Spencer Bachus: Dropping Natalee on the Beach?

Does Spencer Bachus know why he is linked to Natalee Holloway? Does he understand he's been duped, manipulated and chosen? And not only by Aruba but our own FBI. Is he missing a calling and blind to the opportunity?

When was the last time a politician refused this kind of media attention and why?

The same meeting he emerged from and said that it is clear Natalee "wasn't a teenager who just wandered off" was attended by Arlene "cousin of Guido arrested on suspicion of heavy battery" Schippers who emerged saying Natalee "just vanished."

Why the different conclusions? Mr. Bachus, whether the FBI, President Bush or Jesus Christ himself advised you not to speak, you need to tell us what exactly was said in that meeting.

Did you receive $26,555.00 from a group called the Netherlands Pac? Why is that?

Spencer Bachus can praise his constiuents as being the salt of the earth hard working americans who's votes he wants. The lives he has the audacity and honor to represent. But here it is, now.

Is he unaware that those people are battling everyday for answers that he got a taste of, a meeting not even Natalee's parents were allowed to attend.

Spencer Bachus, you have to trust your heart and not the FBI. You have a chance to raise your stature to places you never even dreamed, and we will allow you to do it at the expense of Natalee Holloway.

It's in some ways even more painful, that we still have a shred of belief, that our politicians whom we pay with our hard earned money, might actually represent us. Instead you are so coy and aloof.

Let's be practical, you could come out in public and tell us your views on anything else and it wouldn't merit not half the passion or audience that revealing what you were told, on our dime, in the meeting with Aruban representatives.

It's long past the time where you can claim your silence is for the good of Natalee, it isn't.

Who's advising you? I have a few names of some women that you should hear. Women who have been far more productive with their lives than you have. You can't buy that kind of following, but you alone are in a position to do just that, by acting, now.

What's it going to take for you to speak with substance? There's only one bad option and you've chosen it.

Tell us what you heard, the Powerpoint presentation on why your country should still support the State of Aruba with American dollars?

Did the actual name Natalee ever come up or was it "that girl" or "her" or the "american girl?"

Congressman Bachus, there are few of these moments in life where you have a chance to set yourself apart, it seems risky with the FBI advising you I know. But it really isn't risky at all.

Do you have any idea how many people don't even feel risk anymore at all? Don't you want some of that energy?

Will you take the lead and help us bring Natalee home? We have starved for something positive. Think about the fact that a decent burial for Natalee is about the most positive dream we can hope for. That's how horrific an injustice this is.

Help us. But most of all help Natalee and her mother and father. Not with the platitudes and a rote response letter you can buy in the Congressional Convenience store. Give us the truth.

If you can't stand for this, what can you stand for?