Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Colombians in Plainview

xxxxxx continue to find documented evidence that clearly shows a link between Aruba and the North Valle Cartel. xxxxx recently reviewed some files regarding the North Valle Cartel in Aruba, and the US's attempts to stifle it's transport of Narcotics through Aruba to MIAMI.  It seems the sole purpose of the Forward Operating Location at the Beatrix Airport in Aruba was to combat the Narco transit from Aruba to Florida. 
This is where Plainview Florida Inc. comes in to play.  The Saieh brothers, registered officers of Plainview, were recently added to the Department of the Treasury's SDNT list (known narco traffickers list) in June 2006.  The other registered officers for Plainview are Staten Management of Curacao and Pedro Martin of the Terra Group.
Check out the Terra Group.  These are some major players in the real estate development industry not only in the US but worldwide.  They are currently ressurecting the skyscraper located at 900 Biscayne Drive, of which is likely funded with xxxxx Dollars. 
Interestingly enough many if not all of the Saieh brothers business registrations in Florida have Pedro Martin listed as an officer as well. 
xxxxxxxxxx purpose of filing FOI requests;xxxxxx will file a formal request on the Posner's from the Department of Justice as well as some other municipalities.  Generally speaking once the request has been processed the corresponding department will send xxxxxx a projected cost to 'pull the files'. 
Blackmore investments is the link between North Valle Cartel and the Saieh Brothers.
Pedro Martin is the link between the the Saieh Brothers (North Valley Cartel) and Miami along with Karen Overseas and other Florida registered corporations.
xxxxxx one document to date that would suggest the Posner's and Saieh's/Pedro Martin are associates.  They also seem to use the same registered agent in Mark Bryn. 
Along with that Plainview Florida, Inc. (Pedro Martin, Saieh Brothers, et. al) are just doors down from the Posners at 701 Brickell along with the other entities I will be showcasing.
It is only a matter of time before xxx uncovers more links some of which I would suggest will link right back to the Excelsior casino and perhaps the VDS' credit lines. 
xxxxxxxx discussed my findings regarding Plantation Florida.