Monday, July 24, 2006

"You're own father, unbelievable."

Could Karin Janssen be so wrong that arresting 9 people with charges from rape to murder to premeditated murder to kidnapping be just completely made up?

Things seem to get awfully quiet when the picture of Paulus at the casino talking with Natalee came out. It knocked Joe Tacopina (who when asked about it, did not deny it, he said "Paulus has admitted to being in the casino") off the air and Steve Cohen vanished after saying he'd look into it. No more Arlene "she just vanished" Schippers, relative of Guido "heavy battery" Wever.

Of all the types of people sitting next to Natalee, it's not a woman, it's not a black person or a fat person or someone in typical tourist clothes. It's someone who not only is wearing the white dress shirt so many of the Dutch elite wear in Aruba but someone who you can't say is not Paulus Van der sloot. A coincidence?

Deepak to Joran, "you're own father, unbelievable."

And Anita van der sloot was quoted as saying that Joran said to her, "if you were home, this wouldn't have happened."

What wouldn't have happened?

The charges against Paul Van der sloot were: Suspicion of complicity to pre-meditated murder, complicity to kidnapping and murder and kidnapping, reasonable suspicion of murder, manslaughter or intentional containment with the dead as consequence.

What does that mean to you? What words jump out?

Premeditated and containment with the dead as consequence.

"you're own father, unbelievable."

When the van der sloots made their publicity tour they used the word "consensual" over and over again, as if to admit there was some type of sex but it was consensual. And from what we've seen in Aruba, even if Natalee was found, it could have been argued that there was no proof that it wasn't consensual, even with Joran and the Kalpoes.

But how to explain evidence of Paulus Van der sloot? That would be much more difficult and seems to necessitate that she wasn't found. That no amount of revenue loss to your precious kitty could be worse.

So what's more damaging, a blog that calls Paulus Van der sloot a rapist or a prosecutor that brings Paulus in twice on suspicion of complicity to pre-meditated murder, complicity to kidnapping and murder and kidnapping, manslaughter or intentional containment with the dead as consequence?

"If you were home, this wouldn't have happened."
"you're own father, unbelievable."

And Paul van der sloot advises the Kalpoe's and Joran, "no body, no case" while he's a paid employee of Aruba working in the prosecutors office? They must have some powerful Union. Hey, they do. And it ain't the people washing towels in the hotels. It's the Police Union.

"These officers are all my friends." Paul Van der sloot.

The pre-meditation charge was immediate, even against the security guards. Makes you wonder how they knew so quickly, without evidence, that premeditation is involved? And of course it's absurd to consider the racist element since 2 black guys faces were flashed on the screen in the early days followed by a beautiful picture of Natalee. You guys in Aruba were actually much better at this spin than you've been when it didn't catch on. Yeah, preying on those deep seeded feelings. Very good, subliminal. But nobody bought it.

Just when did the premeditation start?

Why is it so hard to even utter the words that this is a sex crime, a hate crime against Natalee. Her parents cannnot bring themselves to even utter the details regarding Joran's early statement about Natalee's anatomy.

To incapacitate a woman by drugging her for the purposes of sex is without accurate words in it's violence. But in Aruba, it seems common knowledge. What kind of sick mind can rationalize this behavior, what kind of savage person can even commit a sex act with a woman they've drugged? Ah, hey Dad, is it normal that I get a hard-on while watching Bangbus? Ever have one of the talks Paulus with your son? But then, who would be asking the question you or him?

These are dangerous people, and yet the same suspects are out partying again, Aruba once again looking the other way, the same lack of concern that took Natalee's life and nothing has changed.

The adults in Aruba play politics while the boys raised on porn roam free full of the misogny these adults spawned. The adults made the money on porn, at the expense of the kids, nothing but actors, bubblegum porn stars. Interesting the Kalpoe's and Van der sloots have no sisters, the only female role models being the mother's and tourists coming to have some fun, as if that's all women are? It's a warped perspective and add to that the fact that these guys had access to the internet and fed their minds with Bangbus and faux gangsta and pimp images. For as many hours as kids of my generation watch TV. I was watching baseball and Carvel commercials while these guys are watching girls get fucked and dropped on the beach.

"you're own father, unbelievable." "If you were home, this wouldn't have happend." "I dropped her at the hotel, I dropped her at the beach, Deepak picked me up, Satish picked me up" and on and on.

"That will not give Natalee back" Anita Van der sloot
"No body, no case" Paul van der sloot
"If you were home, this wouldn't have happened" Joran Van der sloot

Quite the gracious family aren't they, the Van der sloots?

Murder, premeditated murder, kidnapping, rape, heavy battery and complicity to kidnapping and intentional containment with the dead as consequence.

And the media still calls it the disappearance of Natalee Holloway? Was all that necessary to make her disappear? At least tell us she didn't suffer.

Those same people who complain about slander are themselves guilty of the same thing. Slander is a legal term, decided in a court of law, and to threaten someone because they engage in slander, is hypocrisy from the "innocent until proven guilty robots."

The raping and murdering Van der sloots, the Dutch Van der sloots. Oh wait, you can't call Dutch people Dutch, it offends them. You thought Germans suffered, unnecessarily, from an insecure guilty consciounce?

And all the sensitive bloggers and the phony caring. What it really is is after the fact masochism to absorb some pain in your own life and live with it because you want to feel it has purpose, but it's really just inactive.

Look at the charges and think for just one moment about a picture of Natalee, ponder how you feel.

Then look at the Van der sloots. If you don't understand what I mean than you're lost in a decorum that weakens the group, you're like weeds.

How has it affected your own life? Can you just handle the pain of tragedy more, do you use Natalee to bash others, other countries, anything unrelated to this particular savagery?

The soulless say there are millions of cases like this, so we should ignore all of them?

This case should open your eyes to seeing the misogny and predatory behaviour everywhere all around you. How far removed are we from when girls were precious? There was even the basic human decency.

We now have people roaming free who drug, rape and kill a girl with so much promise and they see it as a "problem" or "situation" or "incident?"

And you can meet the price for Joe Tacopina's own brand of cheerleading, a paid actor. Like being confused that a group of people would pay Cameron Diaz $20 million to do a movie? Is that good or bad?

And we should follow some decorum or politcally correct speech? If you heard about the word karma, but maybe never really felt it, this is it.

Imagine Natalee in your mind and then see the words, premeditated murder, rape, premeditated kidnapping, heavy battery and intention containment of the dead as consequence and you need a fucking judge in Curacao to tell you what to do?

Get the fuck out of the way.

Do you think someone who absorbs that image and it's consequences, it's kharma is afraid of anyone? Someone who's given their life to raise decent kids, do you think they give a shit about offending someone?

Nobody enjoys this, nobody doesn't want this to end, but it must be dealt with and not left like the millions of half finished things in your life.

Only the truth will bring people together, not flowery platitudes and "proper" speech.

Their's more risk in willing to do anything, to bring balance, justice.