Friday, June 16, 2006

Aruba Police Threatening to Exercise

Aruba Police are threatening to walk out. Well who woke them up from their nap?

Walking out requires actually doing something, so that's a good thing. Does it look like Dennis Jacobs does any walking? I mean where are they going to go?

Is this actually a threat? It sounds to me like Aruba would be safer after the walkout. Just don't take that suicide stamp you use to close out the paperwork and who would notice?

All for Joran and Paul Van der sloot, this whole thing?

It's hard not to wonder exactly how many people are involved when you consider tourists care more about clean towels than Aruba corruption and politics.

Mistakes were made? That has to go down as a classic understatement.

Police walkout? Ho-hum

How about taking a walk over to the Van der sloot property and end this nightmare for everyone?