Friday, July 21, 2006

BFN Drops a Bomb on Aruba and Dennis Jacobs

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"Hang him, that's it.""Then we're done"
"That will not give Natalee back."

Anita Van der sloot on CBS Early Show.

Your definitive statement, spoken with confidence and knowledge confirms Natalee's death at the hands of your son, Joran Van der sloot.

"How they acted toward my family and friends is not the normal way a family acts when their daughter is missing." You may be right Joran, because you would be uniquely positioned to know. And your father agreed, no doubt he has his own experience with victims.

"There was an immediate recognition that this was not simply a teen who wandered off." U.S. Congressman Spencer Bachus.

"Paulus Van der sloot, the father of Joran who was detained yesterday in the case, is being held under suspicion of complicity to pre-meditated murder, complicity to kidnapping and murder and kidnapping."

Complicity to kidnapping suggests Paulus was aware of a crime while Natalee was alive.

"On 6/22 the police again questined PVDS and arrested him as a suspect for "reasonable suspicion of murder, manslaughter or intentional containment with the dead as consequence.

When he was arrested suspect P.Sloot said, "these officers are all my friends."

If you run you pay, if you stay you pay. The talk about compensation for Paul Van der sloot now a laughable joke. Like he hasn't been compensated enough? Who do you think has paid for the defense of the van der sloots? CnC's, the Excelsior and the Dirty Police. The same money pool paying for Steve Croes, Joe Tacopina and the security guards. Which line item is this expense recorded? Throw that under VAN DER SLOOT.
The same Paul Van der sloot who found it necessary to explain to his son and the Kalpoe's the meaning of "no body, no crime." No body, referenced a dead Natalee and "no crime" implying nothing to be accountable for.

Yeah, I say that all the time to my son too.

"Additionally, it cannot be overstated that were this matter to remain in this court JVS and PVS lack the ability to implead any of the casinos, bars or hotels in Aruba as third party defendants for their potential lack of security or negligent provision of alcohol."

Having friends like the judges John Kuiperdal and Rik Smid virtually grant you a pass. Were these guys with you Paulus when you raped the girls?

"A judge finds sufficient evidence to hold suspect Nick John,30 and Abraham Jones,28 on suspicion of murder and kidnapping in the Holloway case, according to defense attorneys." CBS News, Associated Press

What evidence? Karin Janssen brought what in front of a judge who found the evidence sufficient? To hold 2 innocent men?

The Paul van der sloot who did nothing to help find Natalee or demand his son do the same, then went to the Prosecutor, his friend, Karin Janssen to press charges against Tim Miller when he asked if he could search his well.

Jan Van der straaten threatened to do nothing if Beth didn't back off. He feels he's worked hard, but not for Natalee. And he was the Chief of Police.

He has a job on another island.

And Dennis Jacobs? What's in it for him? His job. Whoever holds the fate of this position is the one pulling the strings in Aruba.

Does it connect to Holland? The only police officer to implicate Joran van der sloot, Gerold Dompig doesn't have a job anymore. Either does Steve Cohen, who's last public appearance on the Rita Cosby show, promised to look at the casino tape picture showing Paulus talking with Natalee, and promised to get back with an explaination.

He never made it back on the air.

Dompig was the one who heard Joran's confession, who told Rudy Croes he was being led to "the body." Dompig also said "the three are guilty as hell" thereby implying a van der sloot guilt. Dompig also revealed the closest thing to confirming Natalee's death, even though he called it an overdose. The bizareness of him coming out in public and stating where Natalee was buried.

If you're the Gottenbos or Von Cromvoirt family, both picking up established businesses and leaving them behind, after their son's, we think, were brought in for questioning. Koen Gottenbos was allowed to let his father speak for him. As if one more year would allow him to better explain how he participated in crimes against girls?

For 2 innocent boys, we are supposed to think 2 businesses and 2 families with nice houses in Aruba just evacuated their life for innocence?

And even if the boys were in involved in a serious crime, why uproot so dramatically?

Maybe if it was more than the son, it was the father's who were running. We've seen an Aruban/Dutch father run before, Paul Van der sloot. 3 sweating men, head of households acting more nervous than anything I've ever seen.

Whatever it is, the consensus in Aruba is that the truth is fatal.

Just one girl, just one teenager? How about one life, a precious life. Aruba and the racist Dutch always throw in "american girl" no doubt to feed their hate, their jealousy as somehow it lessons the value.

Natalee was not the first victim. She was one of many victims. The truth about what happened to her is not an isolated incident. The complicit either allowed the savagery to exist or participated in the raping of women, then the threats if they spoke up.

The complicit includes members of the government and the Police Department. The predators are not the kids, but their parents. Gottenbos, Van cromvoirt, Van der sloot, van der straaten, Croes, Oduber.

No shame in giving up your business but the fear of being exposed, as an adult, father, as someone who rapes girls the ages of their sons, well that's the end. The suicide.

The reason Aruba can accept the current decline in revenue is because the truth will be a fatal blow to Aruba. Hell on earth.

While I believe Paulus is the very definition of a scumbag, that doesn't mean he enjoys wasting money. How else to explain how Joran seemed to spend money freely in large sums? Where did this money come from?

Aruba wouldn't risk it's economy on three uneducated loser kids?

But to uproot whole families, business owners who flee Aruba and claim their teenage son's are innocent? It just doesn't add up. Gottenbos and Van cromfort, no doubt with doting airhead wives complicit or fooled in denial over their own families depravity.

The dark corners of the Dutch male cowardly mind, probably answered yes to the question of would you rape a beautiful girl who wouldn't otherwise give you the time of day if you could get away with it.

Men know, more than anything else, sex is the great temptation. The apple in the Garden of Eden. Just what is the role of a Narcotics cop in a place where drugs flow like water. Success is not measured by the elimination of drugs but the revenue derived from it. Take morality out of it and it's good business.

But to condone the drugging of another person for rape is a savagery that even the complicit know cannot be rationalized.

So they run, they bully and threaten.

But they didn't realize that they have nothing to leverage anymore. When you're Natalee's parents and you have nothing left to lose, you can't be bullied. And since millions of us feel the same way about Natalee we won't let them off, ever.

Our own politicians can't face the truth here. Spencer Bacchus no more talkative than Karin Janssen but both have said something.

The word premeditated in the charges from early on. Premeditated implies Natalee was targeted, as were the others. Aruba sells it's island as a place to come and be unbound for a time from the day to day gind and then blames the same people they lure for being so carefree.

They ask you to trust them and then blame you for trusting them. The self conscious guilt is all over these cowards.

If there is one person singularly responsible for why Aruba can talk about Natalee's death but not tell us how they know and why they have no evidence, it's Dennis Jacobs.

Dennis Jacobs is responsible for evidence. Standing in front of Joran and the Kalpoe's on that night, listening to their "story" he took it as evidence and arrested the security guards. I mean, really, uh okay Joran thanks for the tip?

Just imagine that scene. He's just not that stupid, but he is that corrupt. And Karin Janssen went along with it, but she is that stupid.

But keeping it close to home, I want an answer from Spencer Bacchus. Did he believe Arlene Schippers who said Natalee just "vanished." The same Schippers who accused Beth of lying but in fact was lying herself, the same Schippers who's cousing Guido Wever was arrested for "heavy battery."

Spencer Baccchus is a fool, a disgrace and a soulless man. How he could sit through that meeting and make the statement he did and then just remain silent is inexplicable.

This from the definitive case on Aruba and Natalee. It's 68 pages of "FBI quality" writing. Delivered by BFN it's a bomb if you can stomach reading it without getting angry. An amazing document.