Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Dutch Perverts and Murderers: The Van der sloots

Who's wearing who down?

The arrogance is gone for Paul Van der sloot. You're kid wasn't special or mature. His own place was because he was intolerable. Hey Paulus, join the club. Parenting is not new Paulus just because you had to not do it. You're posturing as a victim only inflames and makes me more certain justice will befall you and your whole family. Failed again in your legal damaged mind.

The running and sweating victim. You're failure is so vast, so total and so public. Your ridicule is so deserved. Your death will not be mourned but celebrated, so Natalee can kick your ass in a fair fight for eternity, what a sweet thought. But somehow I feel she's bigger than that, and will make you feel even smaller by forgiving you. She was wiser at 18 than you ever will be.

The internet is such a learning tool isn't it? Joran's favorite site of all was Bangbus.Uh-huh, more lessons for a kid with his own place. $250.00 in a night, in hours, and you let him out the next night? After that little mess about the american girl, right? I don't even wish my father would have let me drop $250.00 because the thought is a little creepy, and when allowed to go out the next night is just a concept I can't imagine. When the most courage you've shown is telling police he was at the casino, you're sickness knows no bounds.

So he drops 250 of your money and I presume you gave him more to go out again with the new friends the Kalpoe's? "He's just a normal teenager." Except that he like to drug women to assault them and when he doesn't get his way, he murders them. All the charges in this case so far are about the van der sloots. Trial or no trial, there is nowhere to hide. You would be in Holland if you could be wouldn't you Paulus? But you can't because it's safer for you in Aruba.

Van der sloot Island, the freak show.

This kind of virus needs to be stopped.

All that time, so little brain or soul. It's learned from a father to a son.

I consider it part of my responsibility to ensure you are put down so as to not harm any more people. It feels natural and instinctual.

Prepared for the long road? I expect it. It's a power the weak and cowardly Van der sloots have no concept about.

I can't deny, for me, they are Dutch, and all of Holland is responsible. It's irrational and not logical but it fuels a power that feels stable.

I always heard that the Dutch tolerance was irresponsible. So the legal system bore out a stereotype that seems to be the Van der sloots. Joran the symbol of Dutch zombies, pasty and sick.

Good call having Joe Tacopina make the rounds telling us what a sweet kid Joran is. Do you have any idea how ridiculous and hilarious that is? Once again, the Van der sloot arrogance actually thinks the average person who would happen to hear tacopina wouldn't know what he's about?

But whoever paid Tacopina had to work harder to earn that money than it was spent. I like the defense of Joran Van der sloot that he "speaks many languages." Ooooooh, impressive Joey. Is truth a language? is lying an accent?

Sunday Morning July 9, just hours before the World Cup Final. Front page of the front section of the New York Times had a story on Zidane from France. Zadine's "masterly assurance and control." "A modest man who summons an elegant flamboyance." "A natural leader."

Source please?

It is spirtitual, this journey, hanging together with others we don't realy know, and yet we trust. Just a little bit each day. While Joran is out blowing someone's money, I tell at least one person a day, the story of Natalee Holloway.

I can assure you, I have been ridiculed, but those people won't be going to Aruba or Holland, ever. Somehow they can't not think about me when they order a Heineken. It works, it really does.

I met a Dutch couple and their family, visiting on vacation from Holland. I have no doubt they will never forget Natalee Holloway. Funny, the father runs just like Paulus.