Monday, July 10, 2006

The Van der sloots: Premeditated

While being held in jail for the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, Paul Van der sloot was being paid by the Prosecutor's office. The same office he worked for 8 years.

And, Paul van der sloot is waiting on the size of a monetary award for his inconvenience. But then again, we just don't understand the Dutch/Aruba hybrid law like Arlene Schippers does.

And this guy couldn't pass a test for judgeship?

Would the truth be more shocking if Natalee was proven to be dead or alive? Why does it seem as the witnesses have their lives to fear regarding the truth? I mean bolting from a country, your home, seems to reveal something urgent.

Could it be that the term "premeditated" which seems to be what Janssen is telling us with the charges means that Natalee was targeted to be kidnapped but not killed? They haven't charged anyone with premeditated heavy battery, just heavy battery.

Pretty pathetic that Natalee's death would not be a surprise, but her life would be.

What does that mean? If the maximum Joran could get is 15 years and he is the main suspect, this case must be linked to more legal liability or something that would make witnesses fear for their lives.

Who are they afraid of? It's inconceivable that we are here now, this long after, without the participation, willingly of the Aruba Police.

"Premeditated." They knew something was going on, like the closet in your house you never open, it blew open. Natalee was murdered when the security guards were in jail, but now it's a disappearance?

It really wouldn't have been hard to explain Natalee's death. In fact, most people know what happened right? But why can't they explain how she went from murdered to disappeared?

Boys will be boys, could explain away the sexual assault gone bad? But what about the adults? How do you explain that?

They can't?

That was Paulus in the casino, and it is a body in the bag found on the day Natalee was declared dead.

Aruba cannot account for those still unanswered questions. Where did the body go?

"Premeditated." Would Dompig make up out of thin air that Natalee was moved several times?

Time brings it into focus. Aruba isn't chasing ghosts, and Natalee didn't just vanish like the vapid Ms. Schippers so inelegantly stated.

Aruba is chasing shadows, it's own.

Aruba and drugs, Singapore and drugs. If you wanted crime and punishment to apply when drugs are involved, which country's approach do you favor?

Dennis Jacobs knows drugs, although he forgets to take them often. Is he successful? When girls can have their drinks spiked for $20 in a bar on Aruba, does anyone believe the police were not aware of it? Or are the police protecting predators and drug dealers? Also sad that it's a dumb question now.

What kind of sick animals can endorse, even by their lack of action, the drugging of another person for the purposes of being assaulted? People who see a demand in victims and a supply of drugs just keeps flowing. This is the way they want it.

Benefitting drug dealers and predators. That's Aruba.

Frank Rizzo has pissed on hundreds of trees in Aruba. A traitorous greedy, but sadly typical U.S. politician.

The bullying and threatening was a way to prevent having to answer to the victims family. But now that they do, they crumble that quickly.

How can this be anything but a terrorist act against an American?

The Government of Holland is accountable for the actions of Van der sloot, Van der straaten, Janssen, Gottenbos...

In retrospect, the decision by the FBI to require Dompig to say who his witness is in return for belated and really, a small favor looks absolutely titanic next to Holland agreeing to Dompigs lie. And Holland isn't involved in a coverup?

We need to move off the island and hold them accountable. Any U.S. politician that doesn't back it's own citizens should go back to their rathole with Frank Rizzo.

People who care about money, really care about it, don't shrug off even 2% decreases that effect revenue. Unless the other down side is fatal. What exactly could be fatal for Aruba? It's not that Joran van der sloot killed Natalee in a fit of rage at being resisted, that wouldn't be surprising.

The prospect that Natalee never left the Van der sloot residence and was disappeared under the watchful eye of the same people watching the drug trade flourish under their nose, the Aruba Dirty Police. Who else was at the Van der sloot house that night?


Barbour for President? Not in your lifetime. Gov. Riley's stand, over time, seems courageous.

No Van der sloot, No Justice