Friday, June 16, 2006

Dave Holloway: A Beautiful Father

Telling the truth is not mandatory when you tell the father of Natalee that you'll do anything to protect your son. It's a violent reaction.

Protect? Your legal head trip and you failed the test, again, Paul Van der sloot.

Dave Holloway came to Aruba, to the Van der sloots and everyone he met as a man of peace. It was obvious, a gentle man. Sometimes it was infuriating because I wanted you to be lawless and ruthless in seeking answers and finding Natalee. That's all you ever wanted and for me it wasn't enough.

But you were right, and I was wrong. In the big picture, when given a spotlight few ever want or are prepared for, you showed a part of what being a man really can be by the simplicity of your love for Natalee and the pride.

Just a quiet and gripping father. I want some of that for my own life.

It gave us a window into what Natalee was like because it just had to be, it's blood.

At this moment in time, you stand as a father to be recognized and it's a gift to me and I know to others.

I can only imagine that Natalee would be proud and thank you for giving someone the chance to say "Happy Father's Day," and actually mean it.

This is forever.

Your Friend,
Frank De Simone