Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Aruba: The Money is with Natalee Holloway

Just a little late on the gravy train, those Aruban Cops. Not the best time to be negotiating. Same for the new Colombian witness. He may get only scraps. Aruba is tapped out, the security guards, John Pauly, Joe Tacopina and the 9 lawyers, they took their money when the getting was good. It's not good anymore.

And it's not because of the tourist dollars. It's the drug money that is moving away, out of the limelight. There won't be any crime to pretend to fight anymore. Nothing to look the other way about.

The police are integral do everything that does and doesn't happen in Aruba. You can only collect favors for looking the other way when you know what you're looking away from.

The Aruba Police know, and know some of the police are involved in the covering up of multiple crimes. The Police had to be a part of Natalee's disappearance.

Karin Janssen, Gerold Dompig, Dennis Jacobs and Jan Van der straaten know the truth. They were told of Natalee's fate. But the instinct of the soulless cost them and a growing number of victims of the Van der sloots. They cannot answer to how they know Natalee's fate and cannot prosecute the Van der sloots. Because the plea bargain failed.

Dennis Jacobs is a narcotics cop in a place that has a reputation for being friendly to drug dealers. Of course his procedures and by default those of Aruba were not set up for a victim like Natalee. They didn't spend money on prosecuting a crime, but on defending the Van der sloots.

But they have done nothing about it. Where's the drug dealer who sold Natalee drugs? It's almost hard to believe the fiasco of Dompig's work. Now he's a spokesman for the police? Insane and Unprofessional.

The absolute falsehood that people should have to shut up or else hurt the case, is another piece of propaganda that over time we see was a distraction. Propogated by the complicit Arlene Schipper. We believed it in the beginning. But what a fascist lie that was. Don't speak about the case or hurt tourism and what? What's different about Dompig's latest brainstorm wanting police to be paid for "special events" and Van der straaten's threat to Beth to stop pestering her or he'd shut the case down?

The Aruba Dirty Police are admitting they can be bought.

The legal system really is like the Titanic, never been sailed but she's really ready for anything. Well maybe not everything.

Joran was afraid? Afraid of his innocence for 10 days? And his logic kicked in and said lie to the police and misdirect them away from somewhere? How smart is that if your innocent? Then hire thugs like Joe Tacopina and Frank Rizzo to defend yourself?

How much money do you have, Dennis Jacobs? Such sweet irony that you're most famous quote is coming back at you.

Time has a way of clarifying things. Just what were you doing talking to an 18 year old girl at a casino Paulus? An 18 year old named Natalee who disappeared that same night and was last seen with your son.

Did your presence make your property safe? How would anyone know the Paulus when his wife was away?

She came back to your house Paulus, you have no corroboration for any of your stories after your house. It's consensus Natalee was there and the rest is unsubstantiated.

Oduber's pride before the fall leads him to use the Chavez stick which is more like a twig because he couldn't and can't ask the U.S. for help. Just when you have nothing left to lose is exactly when you should. Right now, a little tension between the U.S. and Holland will benefit you and the Holloway family.

The only way you survive at all is to come clean, completely. Even if you're involved, it's the only way.

You want to "go it alone" as opposed to what?

Your Dennis Jacobs moment is the statement that "Nobody is above the law." Curious you made that remark about the Van der sloots over a year ago. I'm sure it wasn't a worry about the Kalpoe's or the security guards getting special treatment.

A little moment of Dutch Authority don't you think when the Dutch leave jail with their pillows and blankets? Never miss a chance to show you whose thumb your under.

People like the Van der sloots, the Van der straaten's and Tacopina's strike a nerve. But this is unprecedented.

Who cares what the judge in New York does? Who cares what becomes of Aruba? There will be the Van der sloots, the murdering Van der sloots who by their own indecency need to be stopped at all costs. But there has been more criminal behavior in favor of the Van der sloots than there has been energy to find Natalee.

Yet there exists no justice under any legal system that can begin to be considered fair to Natalee. Only our persistence in her memory to never break the chain around the Van der sloots can be considered even reasonably fair.

The legal system never really existed in Aruba. The precious budget was never meant to deal with prosecuting crime only managing it. Talk about looking the other way, the legal system was no more than a suggestion box. Paul Van der sloot has been waiting for a decision on his settlement since February. Do you really think there is some legal protocol here or is the judge waiting so as not to embarrass himself? Just what is he waiting for?

Because of Natalee and her parents, the Van der sloots are unforgettable.

Dave and Beth have stood the test of time. But the runaway, insurance scam, the Schipper's "vanished" theory, the MB students involvement, the beach flasher, the overdose have not. They look like hokey childish comments from children caught red handed.

Janssen, Jacobs, Van der straaten were not in Aruba to stem the flow of drugs and the surrounding money. Obviously.

They were more like managers. After all, without that currency who would fund anything on Aruba? Which is what we are seeing. The ones that operated under the radar have fled. The tourists only another distraction. Aruba's real troubles are it's fleeing "base." And it's not American tourists.

End the suspicion and the spotlight will go away. Not even a story about corrupt cops will warrant a blurb from any U.S. news program.

But John Pauly didn't tell you that? Or is it that Natalee wasn't the victim of an isolated incident? You had one of those moments where you knew it finally had gone too far? The freewheeling was over?

And you all lied and continue to lie. Inflicting more pain on Natalee's family than is necessary. Your sadism is what makes you famous.

But your cowardice is your legacy.

Tell us how Natalee went from murdered to missing to murdered to disappeared? How does the word pre-meditated fit into this crime Ms. Janssen? Heavy Battery?

Did you ever think that maybe when Paulus told you Natalee was dead he was lying?