Sunday, July 16, 2006

Aruba: The Dirty Police and Lorenzo van Rijn

Paulus . . . Jan . . . Rudy . . . Nelson . . . Does this mansion look familiar?
The rooftop looks odd for normal mansion, almost like . . . a watch or guard tower?
The property line walls topped by barbed-wire are very odd for a mansion also.
I would expect to see both more in a prison compound than a mansion.
What was Natalee doing there? I don't remember even one
of Joran's stories mentioning this place?

Is this the big "house" Joran claims Natalee wanted to see?


Have you ever thought something may have happened to you while on your last night on Aruba - that you may have been date rape drugged, filmed, etc. ?

Do you know someone who has?

Have you ever been at a party at this Aruban mansion before?

Have you ever seen a film, pictures, or video feed from one of these parties?

Do you have access to any pictures or films of these parties that you can send to us?

IF yes, please contact America's Most Wanted.

Provide all the information you can regarding the activities, pictures, films, and parties at this house, or your date-rape drugged experience in Aruba.
Your tips will provide valuable insights, that may make the difference to help solve this case.
To talk to a confidential Hotline specialist, call:
You may remain anonymous.
All submissions will be treated with the utmost security and privacy.
You may also use our confidential tipline:
The Natalee Holloway Case

Aruba is a member of Interpol.

Interpol also have activities in the different regions of the world to ensure that law enforcement officers understand the need to act upon requests involving children at risk, and create a global understanding on how to address victim identification and help rescue children being sexually abused and pornographically exploited