Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The godless Dutch Raise Natalee from the Dead

The moment seems momentous now. Dave Holloway, walks up to Paulus van der sloot and extends his hand and says "I can forgive alot, I just want to find my daughter." Paulus van der sloot may have had sweat or tears in his eyes and said, "I'll do anything to protect my son."

Totally missing what an opportunity Dave Holloway, a God fearing man, was offering. What monumental inner strength to say that, at that time. The time Paulus Van der sloot was saying "no body, no case." When Joran was saying he didn't even know who she was and then that he "dropped her on the beach."

Spoken by a godless people who can criticize religion but live in a society where it's okay to sleep with your daughter but don't inconvenience a Dutch Elite unless you're ready to pay. Not even the courage to accept the offer and say he was sorry, it was an accident or something else and take Dave's decency.

Instead he chose the path of hate, attack and lies.

And just what did he do to protect his son? He sent him across the world away from his family.

So seperating himself from his son is how Paulus Van der sloot protects him? Interesting.

A specific Aruban Police officer is unhappy with the characterization of all police being dirty. I was told they are not covering for the van der sloots but for themselves. In the early days, there was no panic, the arrest of the black security guards was a procedure in place for American consumption, it's largest customer.

the panic set in when the media didn't buy the story of the guards and Aruba was shocked and had no plan on how to handle the attention. "They saw this as a public relations crisis."

It was also pointed out to me that I was wrong to assume Karin Janssen only had the word, or hotel story to present to the judge in holding the guards on murder charges.

Jan van der straaten said directly it was murder and they had the body of Natalee Holloway. But when the guards were proven innocent and Beth and the media were still there, they were forced to bring in Joran and the Kalpoes.

But it's then that there was no body, no case against the 3 and that's when Natalee went from dead to missing...

It appears Karin Janssen was duped and Gerold Dompig inherited a position that had gone on public record (Van der straaten) as saying this was murder and a police force divided by complicity.

...more to come soon