Friday, July 28, 2006

Aruba: The Rapes Continue

From Diario today July 28th, 2006

translation todays diario aruba front page

Innocent 16 yr old female raped by man and then by schoolmates:
word has come to the paper that a group of males student aged from the same school as the victem had been loitering around .

this crime is considered to be punishable and condemming by law.
thee innocent 16 yr old Virgen was accosted by many from within her own class and school.
This was a forced act of violence agaisnt this child and she was raped anally and vaginally.
What makes this crime more sickening is that many of the male students used thier cameras on thier cellphones to record the act.
By midday the photos were circulated to other males via cellphones.
The family of the girl wishing to protect her is not wanting to go to the polis in order to protect her identity further and prevent her from bieng marked as a raped female within the community. She has been thru a horrific ordeal and they dont wish to upset her more. They will seek professional help for her but are fearing to go to the polis.
the photos continue to be distributed via MMS now more than ever diario has found out.
The family upon learning this has decided the girl will not return to school in august and instead they are looking to send her off the island with other family abroad.
Diario is supplicating to the family to protect the girl and press charges annonymously so that these group will not get away with this crime so that they may be brought to justice and not have a chance to do this to another female.
The author of the article states he cannot believe what is happening to the islands youth today. He says the goverment and the judicial branches of Arube must take a firm stance against this behavior, and prosecute these thugs.
In another case he sites that a roaming group of youngsters have terrorised an entire area in Cas Palamos. In that case polis did nothing to disband this disruptive group of young males.
In yet another case last night polis did stop a group of youngsters who were out of control after leaving a concert for the band called of the highway in area of Boegoereio. while awaiting the arrival of more polis to the scene the youths scattered in different direction.

Diario is asking that the photos circulating in JPG form via MMs cellular co be removed from airwaves.If not they risk falling as accomplices to the actions of these rapists.