Thursday, July 27, 2006

Van der sloot to Donate Award for Defamation

Would you be more or less suspicious if a judge refused to award Paulus van der sloot the 300k in damages?

The same legal system that has already agreed that he is entitled to money, the same system that refused to issue search warrants for his house, the same system that released his son so he could attend college, the same system that threw out the dna samples of his son is now going to deny him the money he seeks?

I find that suspicious.

It actually seems less suspicious if they follow form, if there is any under their legal system, and award him what he is seeking. Would it be just another coincidence if the decision comes in the same week as the civil court decision? What are the odds of that?

New South Wales: Paulus van der sloot has told associates that he plans to donate his compensation from a defamation suit to various entities in Aruba. "The good people of Aruba have suffered enough and want to do what I can to help ease the pain" said the elder Van der sloot. "I think the Police Union, The International School, Dennis Jacobs and a donation to Nelson Oduber are the most likely recipients of my largesse."

Considering Arubatruth, AHATA, and everyone that has defended the Van der sloots and attacked the media, the Hollloways and the U.S. it sure seems he has already been compensated pretty well. Not to mention the loss of revenue for Aruba, I'd say 300k is a pittance compared to the overall cost.

Will you send a thank you note to the security guards?

Aruba seems to think they've paid enough for the life of Natalee Holloway. In their sick minds they have a price for everything. But Paulus, was raping Natalee worth it?

And to think, if only Anita had been home, "none of this would have happened."