Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Beautiful Women All Over Aruba

There are so many beautiful women with their hearts in this ugliness, this horrific injustice. And sometimes amid all the violence, the charges, the misogny and male thuggishness, you can see the compassion emerge. It's not about words or style it's something more, you can feel it in the background, like you can sense someone's heart telling us why they're in it. Regardless of whether the prediction is right or wrong, the compassion and hopefulness take me back.

Andie from BFN just bloomed this beautiful post amid the violence rises above:

On May 17th, when John Q Kelly, along with Beth H-T, walked out of the courthouse in New York, John Q Kelly had a very confident demeanor. Beth did not have the same smile on her face that Kelly did. I remember thinking, Beth is no longer in "shock"...she is truly feeling she will most likely never see her daughter alive again...this civil suit was all she had left, which might possibly help her learn why. Still, she was feeling the loss of her daughter in a most powerful way that day.

Joe T. looked like a man, who had just lost his best friend...he looked strained and disappointed. It was quite a contrast in the demeanors of the two attorneys. I could be wrong, but I think Joe T. was shocked at the ruling that day.

I think the judge knows if this case is not allowed to be tried in New York, there is simply no way we will ever know what happened to Natalee...unfortunately, I believe this to be true.

There seems to be a stalement in this investigation in Aruba. It has seemed all through the investigation: one foot forward, while two feet backward.

The Holloway-Twittys have gone through so much to find Natalee...to understand where their daughter is. When they first arrived on Aruba, by all appearances that I was privy to by the news media, they were very complimentary of the Arubans, hanging in there with them...trusting everything which was being done to find Natalee.

Dave helped with the search himself, while Beth and the family worked with the new media. Beth handed out posters, and she went over the entire Island making sure everyone knew who Natalee Holloway was/is.

However, I will never forget the shock when, after Dave and TexasEquSearch worked such long and gruesome hours in the landfill, the deep levels they had worked so hard to get to...for some unknown reason...while their backs were turned, they were filled back up.

I will never forget AMERICA'S MOST WANTED interview with Dave, Dompig, and the reporter from AMW, on the Island of Aruba. Dompig was on camera telling of information he had received of a boat being launched from a specific area of beach, taking a body out to sea on the morning of Natalee's disappearance.

He went on to say he felt this area needed to be searched. Dave and the reporter were shown going to this area, and there Dave found a cross memorial, someone had erected for Natalee. It was a startling moment.

When Dave, TexasEqusearch, and other eilte searchers went back to search this specific area of beach, they were told by Dompig, no...no time to get papers signed. They were dumbfounded to hear this from Dompig...afterall, it was at his request they do this search. This search could have been done with no expense to ARuba whatsoever! While all those searchers, along with the family, spent their own time and money to do this MOST IMPORTANT OF SEARCHES, THEY WERE AT THE LAST MINUTE DENIED.

WHY was this search not allowed to go forward??? And people ask, "why the boycott?" The boycott was created out of a plea to Aruban LE to get its priorities and facts straight in this investigation. The least they could do is to keep their promises to the family of a missing girl by helping with the searches. All they had to do was to cooperate...the searches were being done by the family and other search foundations such as Texas EquSearch. I will never understand why Dompig said, "no" to IMO the most important search, which could have ever been done to find Natalee Holloway.

I think, in the beginning, the good citizens of Aruba took a day off from their posts to do a ground search for Natalee. This was done in good faith, and I think they were sincere in that search. I think the when the Netherlands sent those planes in to search was a positive action, too.

However, it was after these positive actions were taken to find Natalee...things began to fall apart. This occurred within the office of the Aruban LE. I think within those office walls is where the search efforts went terribly wrong. I truly regret that this office let its people down, but I believe it did. How can we trust that office in Aruba to do anything right at this point?

This is why I think the case will be heard in New York. Just with the above facts, the judge should see that injustice has ruled in Aruba throughout this investigation...even while extreme efforts were made by the family and others, using their own funds and precious time, to search for Natalee.

I believe this judge will rule in the favor of "justice for Natalee!"