Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Gerold Dompig: Dangerous Black Man in Aruba

He scares the Dutch in Aruba. He's black and he knows what happened to Natalee Holloway.

With 60 minutes of prime U.S. television air time, the one moment that I remember from that publicity Aruba couldn't ever afford, was the nice moment where Dompig showed us the radar tracking system of the island. It's comforting they can see battle cruisers moving in and out of Aruba. Was the system still under warranty Gerald?

Essential information for tourists when choosing a place for vacation.

Yet following telling Equusearch that he has a specific location out at sea that needs to be checked, but never was and still hasn't been, he, like this case, has too much information to process and create a cohesive story. Sounds like Paulus is not only a failed judge but a poor script writer.

How do the 2 moments coincide?

He also revealed the movement of Natalee, multiple times and guessed that she overdosed. He seemed like an anchorman wired to the production room feeding him information.

Van der sloot, van der straaten, Gottenbos, Janssen, Van Cromvoirt all whispering in his ear, making promises.

Now he's interested in the security business. Have you seen the house of the man who had a contract with the Aruban Police Force? The same one who just picked up and left?

Mr. Van Cromvoirt.

Now the snakes are eating themselves. Wanting to take a piece of the shrinking pie before it's all gone. Dompig will get something, he knows too much. He'll get enough to sustain himself, keep his life and most of all, stay quiet. Like a dying business, some jump early and some stay to the very end, what's the difference?

He knows what happened to Natalee. It's his currency now. I only hope he is more greedy, more interested in his compensation, which should be alot more than Paul Van der sloot's 30k.

The market is here, in the U.S., bring your story, and end this thing.

The Law, in Aruba, Natalee's team is Karin Janssen, Jan van der straaten, Karin Janssen, Gerold Dompig and Dennis Jacob.

Do we even need pictures anymore?