Thursday, August 03, 2006

U.S. Government Keeping Secrets in the Case Of Natalee Holloway?

Is the crying over yet?

And if we're not going to let corrupt judges decide how we feel about the van der sloots neither can we depend on a NY judge to tell us what we already know. Laws don't grow on trees, well maybe in Aruba.

I mean what has changed in one day? Nothing. A decision after a long, years long, process that the van der sloots likely would have ignored would certainly feel much more hollow than this.

Sure, there will be a "new" sheriff in town, some stooges want to endorse. Like a new "Dutch" Police Chief or Prosecutor has a white horse? More window dressing, we've had 2 police chiefs and 14 full time investigators and it's still an ongoing investigation, blah blah. But funny how the same people who are offended by the word "Dutch" when referring to the savagery against the Holloways now promote the new "Dutch" Police Chief or Prosecutor. Can you be more gullible?

This is high level whitewash and another in a long line of delay tactics until they wear the Holloways down. Your parents are dead, there is no white horse so grow up or get out of the room!

The answers are with Natalee, and if you don't want to stay with her, thanks for your effort so far, really. But this isn't for the thin-skinned or sensitive. Nothing could be as rough, nothing could be said too inflammatory compared to what these savages have done to Natalee and her family.

Targeting the van der sloots is absolutely appropriate given they are the ones who targeted Natalee, and killed her. If you don't know that by now, then go back and interiew the beach flasher. Or ask Ms. Janssen why the premeditation charges against the Van der sloots, and the "heavy battery?"In terms of the legal procedure were they made up charges? I believe Ms. Janssen was attempting to send a message, the only power she has left.

The excruciating patience and spirituality of Natalee's father Dave will prevail. He will have the answers he seeks. Justice, well, that will happen in it's own way. If anything more pressure, more intensity and more inflammatory accusations are what is needed, right now. Not healing, not stepping back, those are defensive tactics.

Aruba isn't the only place that values money over life. But they are just stupid because they failed on both counts. Just remember that next time you go on vacation. But stupid people often survive the nurturing of the massive corporate machine that is governments and in this case Holland.

More serious people, not less are still with her. If you let convention restrict you to some abstract protocol of behavior you are not with Natalee. She was targeted and killed, and we're supposed to give these people a pass? And spin it like we are doing it for the next possible victims.

It's bullshit.

"Shango does not dance with the lions, but watches with acuity from afar, through the eye of God."

Is there any doubt this is an FBI agent? Even more than Shango Riddles, Dompig and Janssen have given us the answers already. They just can't seem to get the premeditated overdose theory to work. Other than that, the focus is still Joran Van der sloot. Won't someone help him find his shoes?

When a delegation from Aruba met with Congressmen Spencer Bacchus, he came away from the closed door meeting saying, "clearly this is not a case of a teenager who just wandered off."

Yet Arlene Schippers, who was at the meeting, the meeting Beth was not allowed to attend, has most recently been quoted as saying, "she just vanished."

Well what is it? That's the best you could do Mr. Bachus, tell us what didn't happen? And why the disconnect between your description and Ms. Schipper's?

U.S. Ambassador John Rood has admitted that 26 women have been raped (that we know of) in the Bahamas in the past 3 years.

He told reporters that "although the number is large enough to be cause for concern it was not large enough for the Embassy to issue a travel advisory."

What? What number does it have to be? I have no doubt that the number would be 27 if you're daughter was the 27th victim?

Natalee is our daughter. What number is it because are you going to explain to the victims numbers 27 and beyond? Will you speak to the families when it reaches the threshold when you finally look out for them and not yourself?

The F.B.I.'s comment to Gerold Dompig that they wanted to know who the witness is before sending resources, convinces me they know exactly what happened here and who is responsible.

And if people using their own resources can start digging, we are only finding out what you already know.

The U.S. Government is covering up the case of Natalee Holloway, I assume because as the distinguished Ambassador said, it isn't quite enough. Not quite on the grandiose scale of a war or a terrorist attack. And of course not enough job well done's from whoever's ass your tongue is in at the moment eh Rood?

If Natalee isn't some teenager who just wandered off than what was she? You had access her own parents have not. Not even a phone call to Beth? Paul Van der sloot is compensated and you stand and do and say nothing?

Fortunately there are people better than you working their own angles, all sorts of them.

Karen Jannsen is sent to an outpost not a place where a "top" prosecutor goes to battle crime, she manages it. The same is true for the F.B.I. not an organization without it's beaureaucratic inactivity and paper pushing. Think Ruben Trapenburg with one of those FBI windbreakers.

I'm not a big believer in Shango because it always sounded like an F.B.I. agent with an attitude like Dompig's, "yeah we know what happened, but whataya want me to do about it?"

Others, take a more interesting angle, Shango is an F.B.I. agent and they don't care, they just go with it, culling over every piece of information like their eating a steak.

The passion is very powerful, but luckily so far for Aruba it still has been more of a scatter shot than a sniper.

Not any more.

These people can be devastatingly effective if you catch on to their curiosity, and love of digging. I am in awe of how Tamikosmom can slice up the unprepared with the public record, it's brutal and subtle. Why is she inspired to do that so often in a place supposedly for Natalee? Pearl and Justice for Natalee raging and a few other women who will remain nameless the perfect antecdote for the male testosterone and misogny that took Natalee. The same misguided misogny that is spinning for the Van der sloots, and for Aruba and for Holland.

And they blame the american media yet try to revive Gary Coooper?

If only they could meet in an open and honest forum. The predictable fear and misogny that took Natalee on display everywhere if you care to see it.

The F.B.I. has a certain way of gathering information and there are some people who recognize the language, and they see it and know it is somewhere, somewhere reports are accessible to those who know it's going to take perserverence.

Those who have seen the police files:

Jan Van der straaten, Chief of Police: "This is a murder."
Gerold Dompig, Chief of Police: "Natalee may have overdosed"
Arlene Schippers, "She just vanished."
Spencer Bachus, U.S. Congressman: "Not some teenager who wandered off."
Karin Janssen, Chief Prosecutor: "Premeditated kidnapping, murder or manslaughter"

It was explained to me that when you know Natalee's life is no longer in danger, time becomes irrelevant and patience becomes a weapon.

Natalee is with Joran Van der sloot, Deepak and Satish Kalpoe.

"Something Bad Happened"