Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Digging for Gold in Aruba

When the usual sources of revenue dry up, what's left? Joran van der sloot. He has value to Aruba and there is money to be made. Who will be the first to cash in on the truth about the murdering Van der sloots?

Once you pay for silence, you must keep paying and paying...

There are no written contracts for these deals. Anyone who doesn't think the bites being taken out of the brand Aruba isn't a good strategy, doesn't know human nature.

The leader of the country, Nelson Oduber, tried a strategy that underestimated the American people. His island's crime against Natalee was just too far beyond anything covered in the procedure manual.

"This will blow over" said Oduber. No doubt warning the populace to hold tight and everything will be fine. He miscalculated and now has nothing to offer.

Joran Van der sloot is now prime prey for a gold digger. Women will be throwing themselves at him in the hopes that they could be the one to cash in. One slip and they get 6 figures minimum for their story, and possibly a share of the reward money.

Like it or not, the freak show that is the Van der sloots is Aruba's only commodity. Sand and aloe can be gotten anywhere. But gawking at a murdering family like some Carribbean safari may have some low level appeal.

And if you're a guy with the same misogny that the Dutch and Arubans have shown, eyeballing a girl willing to drink at Carlos n' Charlies after what we know about the place probably is appealing. Joran Van der sloot is publicity, and you know what they say about publicity.

I have to disagree somewhat with CFI www.crimefilesinternational.blogspot.com in that it may be a publicity stunt, by the fact that Joran is seen in public, but I think it's just this Dutch Family (Van der sloots) depravity on display.

And speaking of depravity on display, how about Spencer Bachus? A Dutch PAC donates money and Aruba gets a meeting with him and without Dave or Beth?

How much for you to talk Bachus, what's the price? I can assure you that you will have to answer how and why you allowed this meeting and did not allow one of your own constituents to attend?

And speaking of freak shows, Robin Holloway took time out of her busy schedule to thank some hard working posters over at BSFNRBDP.

It was a little surprising that she overstepped the single best poster on all things Natalee in favor of some unemployed Dutch guys, but, to each his own.

And of course the timing was interesting. No doubt she read the posts of a hotel manager in Aruba and 2 guys who like to tell others to shut up (where have we heard that before?) and talk about their cocks, and found it necessary to thank them.

All on her own? I'm sure she wasn't asked to do it or someone else didn't write those words for her. Just don't ask her to quote a post by any of them. Natalee is dropped on the beach again by Robin Holloway of all people. Sad, very sad.

But while freedom of speech is indeed everyone's right, what BSFNRBDP (Blogs supposedly for Natalee run by Dutch People) doesn't seem to understand is taking Natalee's name in vain is unacceptable. Are they done talking about themselves talking about how talking about themselves helps Natalee?

I guess even blogs have a kid's table.

People are behind Natalee, not blogs. The boycott is working and growing.

The Aruba Brand is dying a slow death and the Dutch have secured their place as Europe's rednecks.