Friday, July 20, 2007

Aruba's Patsy: Gerold Dompig

Obstruction of Justice, participating in the coverup of a crime, destruction of evidence...

A black man in Aruba is being investigated by the Dutch. It's only a matter of time before Gerold plays the race card.

His "consulting" firm payout for complicity isn't working. When viewed with fresh KLPD eyes, they've seen this before. His performance showing the radar capable of tracking all boats leaving Aruba was just too obvious.

Like Joran having to mention, a man looking like his father, was seated next to her in the casino.

They are answering questions investigators already know the answers to, they just want to hear the future courtroom spin.

Dompig's failed diplomacy, his feet up interview with Vanity Fair, all very clear now.

Gerold Dompig is the man who took Joran's confession.

He was there from the beginning.

He was warned by Mickey John, the security guy.

Tough guy, reduced to poor black victim of the evil White Dutch. Wait for it, it's coming.