Monday, January 14, 2008

The Van der sloot Freak Show

There's no denying it, Paulus van der sloot for as long as he remains in Aruba, will define it.

A sick man without peer who actually believes in his own righteousness in doing what anyone would do, anything, to "protect" his son/himself. He's assuming the world is against me, victim mentality.

What's worse, that he can forget, like a politician, that "what they've been through" was caused by their own savagery?

Or, that, no crime is without it's enablers?

To confront these sick people, the van der sloots, and be overcome by apathy, the very emotion that enables the criminal mind, you know why the van der sloots remain free.

And the Aruba form of justice, the decisions come before the crime. "No body, no case."

And the Arubadirtypolice made it so.