Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Aruba: Prime Minister Oduber to refuse Emergency Colonoscopy

AP Breaking:

Oranjstaad: The Prime Minister of Aruba, Nelson Oduber was rushed to the hospital last week in what doctors are calling a major trauma to Mr. Oduber's head.

Mr. Oduber has been noticeably silent lately, which some considered odd since Aruba is once again in the worldwide spotlight.

While doctors will not say exactly how the accident happened, it appears the Prime Minister's tongue has been severed. Police are investigating how this could have happened since Mr. Oduber was alone when he tried to call for help.

"At this point, we can find no traces of the severed tongue." When questioned about where it might be so doctors can attempt a re-attachment, the Prime Minister's spokesman, American Lawyer Joe Tacopina told authorities to stick it you know where."

On that advice, a specialist from Holland was brought in and recommended an immediate colonoscopy. Dr. Mos was quoted as saying "with the help of Tim Miller from TES, I believe we will have the equipment necessary to find the tongue."

"If it's in there, I can assure you, we will find it" said Tim Miller, founder of Texas Equusearch.

"They have nothing and will find nothing"said Joe Tacopina, who has done more talking on behalf of Aruba than the Prime Minister lately.

When asked by a reporter why the Prime Minister needs a spokesperson he responded,"mphmmnfphuyosh."