Saturday, July 21, 2007

Aruba: The Truth Kills

I always knew the truth would be fatal for Aruba. Despite the PR advised "blame the victim" strategy, Aruba is losing the PR battle.

But they're not dead, just in decline.

The truth of what happened to Natalee Holloway, or at least the savage repeated attacks on Natalee, are not to protect one man, or one family. It's the whole brand.

This was more than just a sex crime, because I'm not convinced those responsible got around to that, or even wanted it.

Just as the beach story is a lie after 10 days of trying to blame Natalee and connect her to the mysterious ocean, the sex admissions are meant to create the image of a "loose" tourist.

Now throw the drugs at Natalee and you have a misogynistic smear, meant to diminish the savagery of the van der sloots.

With Paulus, an adult, a connected adult, involved, these suspects were doing the drop. Joran accurately using the word "drop" in his chivalrous failure to bring Natalee home.

Paulus van der sloot was arrested for premeditated murder. Think about this, it changes the whole story. Take the words separately: Premeditated, Murder.

The source is not hidden Mr. O'Reilly, it' Karin Janssen the Prosecutor. It wasn't a leak. Not obstruction of justice or anything else.

She arrested him on Premeditated Murder. Need she say more?

It's old news, but still an unexplained bombshell. Certainly more than the "overdose" bombshell the Factor was peddling. At least the back-spin zone is now calling it a "theory."

We know the prosecutor, Karin Janssen, is the source of the premeditated Paulus story. So who do you believe? An unnamed O'Reilly "official" or the Prosecutor who was involved from the beginning?

Or Joran van der sloot? Is he an official?

Protecting the truth, an odd irony for Aruba. They can't tell the truth because the truth is fatal.

Those that know, and can leave, have.

O'Reilly, reveal your "source" and help remove the stain of a smear and a hypocrisy you say you don't peddle in.

Why were the van der sloots researching GHB on their computer the night they killed Natalee?

Who's looking out for you Bill?