Monday, November 26, 2007

Aruba: Premeditated Paulus in Mos-hairs

If you're Hans Mos, you're not coming to Aruba to hunt 3 chipmunks like Joran and the Kalpoes. You're coming for bigger game.

Paulus van der sloot is bigger game.

Unless Joe Tacopina's story that Joran and the chipmunks cell phones just happen to drift 3-5 miles offshore and we're pinged and forensically proven, the 3 are about to know that knee buckling feeling when your done.

But it's Paulus Hans Mos is after. The court has already said he has lied, has had contact with Natalee on multiple occasions and is, in the court's view, likely responsible for her disappearance. He was arrested for the premeditated murder of Natalee Holloway.

Janssen as we've written was a tart, a person way over her head, a legal nanny. Mos didn't go to Aruba to babysit anything. He came to end the embarrassment that is Aruba and the van der sloots.

Joran and the Kalpoes are just the beginning. Mos is letting everyone up the chain have their poison. Fall on your own sword, or I'll do it for you.

Premeditated Paulus connects the dots to the adults in this vicious crime. But once Mos has bagged his big game, he'll be back to Holland hunting again.

Oduber, Croes and van der straaten will have different masters. Interest will fade, but the satisfaction of everyone who witnessed this crime will be sated.

Especially after we all sign the card sent to Paulus and Joran letting them know, that no matter what, if and when they every see the light of day again, we'll be waiting.