Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Jean Akers: Cowardice and Duplicity at the U.S. State Department

Spencer Bachus, Frank Rizzo, Steve Cohen, John Pauly, Jeff Lasker, Joe Tacopina and now add Jean Akers to the list of Americans working on the behalf of Aruba and against the family of Natalee Holloway.

Working against allowing the truth of what happened in Aruba to come out and preventing the parents of Natalee from bringing their daughter home.

Blaming the parents as the reason the investigation was corrupted.

The Dutch flew token jets by Aruba and sent boy scouts with golf clubs to look for Natalee. But Private U.S. citizens are sending a boat of the highest technology to scour the ocean floor?

Is there any doubt this is a battle? Why?

Not a single American of consequence, except for the parents, has stood up for Natalee. Governor Riley tried. Those who did, are attacked by paid mouthpieces to smear Natalee and her parents.

Why is this?

Now we have this from Beth Holloway's book:

From “Loving Natalee’ page 185

……Curious to see the setup at the van der Sloot house for Joran’s parade of victory, I drive by there, never in a million years expecting to see who is there. It’s the U.S. Vice-Consul. At the van der Sloots’ house. Why is she here? She spots me. Jumps in her car and follows me to a restaurant parking lot, waving, honking, calling on the cell phone. I don’t want to talk to her. Who can we trust?…….

This was Jean Akers. What was she doing supporting the van der sloots? And, like many involved in this case, she quickly left Aruba.

She remains a U.S. State Department Employee working in Cambodia as Chief of the Embassy's Non Immigrant Visa Unit. Aruba, the stepping stone to greatness for Jean Akers.

Her phone number is (855-23) 728-000

Jean, if you have the courage: Join Scared Monkeys or