Sunday, February 03, 2008

Aruba Bowl: The Real Patriots and Giants

Suddenly, the savages that killed Natalee and covered up the crime, don't look so evil. They look weak, Peter De Vries leading an army to steamroll Aruba:

Beth Holloway
Michelle (who was there from the beginning)
...and all the brave women who will not be denied.

The comfort of having you on our team while we witness and hear the depths of misogyny spewing from Joran van der sloots mouth today. It will be violent and brutal.

...and you want violence? Let me introduce Granny Toad.

These are true Giants.

My soul is today with the patriots at Scared Monkeys, Red and everyone.

Staring down Aruba. It's not the end, tonight we kickoff against the whole of Aruba.