Friday, February 01, 2008

Aruba: "Look what they've done to Natalee..."

Harrowing words from Beth Holloway after listening and watching Joran van der sloot, again, explaining why any shred of remains of her daughter have been obliterated.

We've come a long way from the 2 security guards being in jail to debating whether Joran actually murdered her before disposing of her body. And he's had defenders, paid by Aruba, the whole way.

Premeditated Paulus is the name that scared Joran. His involvement is why this case is still not resolved, he is still being protected, sort of. "Your own father, unbelieveable."

They just won't let Joran confess, no matter how hard he tries, why? Premeditated Paulus.

This is a quote from Joe Tacopina, who does it sound like he's defending here?

"The evidence refutes what Joran supposedly said," said Tacopina, who said he heard of the interview through media reports. "It doesn't change the truth of this case. And the truth is, Joran had nothing to do with Natalee's death."

He sounds like an Aruban Official, someone defending Aruba, basically saying Joran didn't read the memo, forgot the talking points. Joe Tacopina is chiding Joran for not knowing what the "truth" is. Amazing.

This is not new. Her (and our) journey down this dark road of pain have gone on for almost 3 years. Mr. De Vries is bringing what we have known to the public at large, unvarnished from the Aruba blame tinted propaganda. Unvarnished, but not the whole gruesome truth, just a taste for the public to question the amazement that nobody is in jail for this crime.

That would be Aruba, it's officials, the dirty police and the Tourism Authority. There is no doubt anymore that Joe Tacopina is retained by Aruba and not just Paulus van der sloot. Their paths have always been parallel. Blame Natalee and keep the attention away from the ruling party.

"Mistakes were made" crowed Prime Minister Nelson Oduber. As we are supposed to say, gosh, we all make them. "He's just a scared kid" said Joe Tacopina.

The van der sloots and the authorities in Aruba are joined at the hip. The accident theory will not pass the worldwide scrutiny. It has no proof. The absurdity of equating Natalee's behaviour as that of the van der sloots.

Because if the "no body, no crime" defense was promoted, the "no body, no overdose" reality will be glaring.

Got something 'pithy' to now say Bill O'Reilly? Take that 'pinhead' Greta and check out Peter de Vries's show. Like aging rock stars who become the very people they rebelled against, look in the mirror and you'll see a talking head. Spinning out of his asshole...

Your research, O'Reilly, makes you a smear merchant, the very thing you project on others. The internet exposes you too, you look old and defensive.

Simple questions like "why did you, Mr. van der straaten offer a mental institution stay to Joran van der sloot?(check Joran's book) Why did you claim "murder" when the guards were in custody, then "disappearance" when the van der sloots were arrested?

The average viewer is getting a taste of how the simplest of questions cannot be answered by the scared 'authorities' in Aruba. The whole island appears to be a teenage boy's room. Just before the mass murder.

How do you prosecute a case without a police force, a prosecutor, or an honest judge?

You don't.

This is not a complicated case. The lies have been ammunition to claim it's complicated. We just 'don't understand their system.'

But this is where Aruba underestimated their own savagery. Island fever becomes acute myopia. We don't care about your system, we understand exactly what went on here.

I agree that society's apathy enables the criminal mind. But there is a limit. That is what drives the interest in this case. it's not just a courageous mother fighting a painful battle I don't ever want to be a part of again. It's about the over the top savagery on every level.

It just hit a nerve, and it's a powerful one, and a simple one. As Deepak Kalpoe said back in the day:

"Enough of this B.S. already"