Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Child Abuse of Joran van der sloot

Greta and Joe Tacopina had the Patriots giving the points.

"He's a kid, a scared kid." From Joe Tacopina, the supposed lawyer without standing to practice law in Aruba and no pending court cases in the U.S. for the van der sloots. And he ain't growing up being represented by Joe Tacopina and his own father Paulus van der sloot.

If so, and Paulus van der sloot would "do anything to protect my son."

Where is he now?

To say Joran is being protected is ludicrous considering he will overnight become the very picture of a savage, a misogynistic rapist and murderer.

And where is his father?

The adults in this crime are using Joran van der sloot to keep it together. He has been confessing for years, but the adults are watching a public execution of Joran van der sloot is underway, a self induced death penalty, and the father is cowering in the corner?

Nice Paulus, real nice. "he just a kid" and what do you do to protect him? Send him to your Mom in Holland and run from himself, you, Natalee?

Your son is in O.J. Land and you're in hiding?

The shame alone of listening to his vile savagery makes you do what? It's you he's protecting, you're at the end of your life, yet you would sacrifice this rapist "kid" as long as you can live out your golden years?

This whole story arc makes it clear that the idea of Prosecution in Aruba doesn't exist. From the beginning, it was defense mode.

How can all the players in this story be so silent except for Joran? They took the advice a lawyer gives to the guilty, just shut up.

Cowardly. Ironic too, that it reminds me of Ben Franklin. "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."

I see a couple of nooses with your names on it Greta and Joe and Paulus and Nelson and Rudy and Koen and Jan and Karin and Gerold and Dennis and Ben and Steve and on and on and on...

The unwitting van der sloot enablers, legion of adults who can't let go, contribute to this farce of a "mystery."

We're pushing Joran towards Aruba while you're trying to push him away. We're pushing him and going to drop him on your doorstep.

From Joran: He said he panicked and tried but failed to revive her. He said that "Holloway looked dead but that he could not be sure she was not still alive when the friend took her away."

Paulus van der sloot was arrested before for premeditated murder. But at least your son considers you "a friend."

The cover-up just got un-covered-up, worldwide in primetime.

Prime Minister Oduber: Say cheeeeeeeese!