Monday, February 04, 2008

Joran Did Call the Police in Aruba

So the world knows what we have for 3 years, the savage Aruba, then the world is halfway to understanding the rest of the truth.

She was killed at the van der sloot home. The pool was the beach, she was raped at the van der sloot house.

They had ten days and 2 innocent guards in jail to make up the beach story.

It's Paulus and his house. It's the Aruba Dirty Police who first used the word seizure from the day Beth arrived. Why?

Aruba disposed of Natalee. The name on Joran's tape is just a label for the police who covered the tracks, one step ahead as Paulus and Jan van der straaten schemed.

To them it is 911. And Aruba concurred, it was in their interest too.

"You're own father, unbelievable."

Superior Court
January, 2007

The possible involvement of Paulus with that could then be deducted from the file with the official reports of witnesses, amongst which two people suggested a contact existed between Paulus and Natalee Holloway the night of her disappearance, and a taped report (that was given by the Prosecutor in her final note 1 to the Court). The taped information and his declaration that he picked up Joran and Natalee by the McDonalds Palm Beach and brought them to the Holiday Inn, are clearly understood by the Dept. of Justice, and could in the judgement of this Superior Court, be considered as an indication of the involvement of Paulus in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.