Friday, February 12, 2010

Jan van der straaten: You're next Scumbag

So Paulus van der sloot got his day in court. Dead. Clutching his black heart.

The conventional wisdom refers to him as the one responsible for covering up the murder of Natalee Holloway to "protect" his son. Another distraction.

Paulus van der sloot murdered Natalee Holloway.

To engineer this injustice required adults. The Chief of Police, the lead investigator and the Prosecutor, all friends of Paulus van der sloot. The lengths these people went to was not for a minor, who by now would possibly be out of jail.
They covered for their friend, not his son.

Only one person was arrested for premeditated murder: Paulus van der sloot.

As Deepak Kalpoe said when he was secretly recorded: "You're own father, unbelievable."

First they played the race card by falsely arresting 2 black security guards, and it worked for awhile. In the world of tourist destination, that would not be surprising, right?

Even Joran, date-raping a tourist, not something that would be that shocking.

But a judge, a Dutch official on a Caribbean Island, targeting a blond tourist? That is a nightmare for the Dutch. But it is the reason they went to such lengths to protect the truth from coming out, spending millions to prevent that story from being told.

Joran didn't need to risk much for sex and drugs and money, he already had it, and it was easy. But his father, he risked alot, including his and Aruba's reputation.

His wife was out of town...His fat and ugly bull of a wife was coming back the next day. The pimp he was financing was Joran. And his sick thinking that "protecting" his son was more of a masculine gesture than raping and killing Natalee.

To call him a man, just doesn't fit. I hope Jan and Joran and the Kalpoe's are chewing on his memory and avoiding mirrors, because there you go too, and we'll remember you that way too.

When I heard he died on a tennis court my first thought was: Playing tennis? How does someone do that, or anything for that matter when you've raped and murdered someone? And the very thing I wanted, his death was underwhelming. He got less than he deserved. I had fantasies of how he should die and when he did, it was less than worth it, he wasn't worth even satisfaction.

Paulus van der sloot, an epic coward and soulless murderer.

Paulus is the lucky one. His pain is over and yet ours goes on. By "ours" I mean the best people I've ever had the good fortune to know, those involved in this story. The tireless anonymous people behind an epic story of the power of our desire for justice, something that really touches the soul, places I didn't know existed before. Human qualities this dark and evil balanced by qualities so bright and good.

Joran was covering for his father, they had 10 days and a complicit Prosecutor, Chief of Police and a group of judges to construct their fiction. Joran didn't have to kill Natalee.

But Paulus did. He even named it: "No body, no crime."

I can hear justice coming. I feel it, know it.

Jan van der straaten, Karin Jannsen, Dennis Jacobs, the Kalpoes, Joe Tacopina, Julia Renfro, Anita van der sloot, Nelson Oduber and others.

There's nowhere to hide Jan, it's coming for you next.