Monday, December 08, 2008

10 Days in Aruba

If Natalee went from Carlos n Charley's to Deepak's car to the beach and then out in the ocean why would there need to be a coverup?

Only Deepak's car would have had any trace of Natalee.

Yet van der straaten and Janssen gave van der sloot 10 days by arresting the security guards for murder. For murder, and they had evidence, they had her body.

10 days, really.

This means there was alot of evidence.

It's not the beach that needed cleaning.

It's the van der sloot home, that's why they needed 10 days. She died at the van der sloot home and was there when Beth arrived.

They gave Deepak and the van der sloots 10 days.

This crime is unspeakable, and it's not surprising they don't want to talk about it. Do you realize how many people are silent?

The Shame is killing them.