Friday, February 08, 2008

Aruba's Killing Machine

Aruba is still telling Beth lies. The repeat of the seizure story only proves the corroboration between the Aruba Dirty Police and Karin Janssen and Premeditated Paulus Van der sloot.

But it doesn't tell the truth about what happened. "Daury" isn't a boat owner, he's a premeditated murderer. He's Paulus van der sloot. He is the creator of Joran's tortured stories.

Who confessed to whom?

It's entirely plausible that the story comes from the legal mind of Premeditated Paulus van der sloot and it became Aruba's talking points. Joran speaks for his father. Joe Tacopina speaks for Aruba.

There is overwhelming evidence of a frame on the security guards was taking place.

After Jansen was caught in a discrepancy, she said it was "a tactical maneuver."

The arrest of the guards was a tactical maneuver to do what?

"This is turning into a game, an illogical investigation," said Noraina Pietersz, the attorney representing Antonius "Mickey" John, 30. John and Abraham Jones, 28, had been detained a week as of Sunday, and have denied any connection to Holloway.

"The prosecution is pretending it has information that we don't have."

Attorney General Caren Janssen said Sunday that wasn't the case but declined to give details.

"We are still in the middle of an investigation," she said.

Two Aruba men held on 'reasonable suspicion'
Attorney says he expects clients to be accused of homicide
Tuesday, June 7, 2005 Posted: 7:27 PM EDT (2327 GMT)

Prosecutors decided to detain the suspects for another eight days. They are to appear in court Wednesday. Acting on a tip, police arrested the pair Sunday morning in the oil-refining town of San Nicolas.

Van der Biezen would not elaborate about evidence gathered in the investigation, but she did say that authorities would not have prolonged the detention if they only had circumstantial evidence.

Defense lawyer Chris Lejuez said he expects his clients to be formally accused of homicide, being accomplices to homicide, and of kidnapping leading to homicide.

He said his clients are innocent. The guards -- ages 28 and 30 -- worked at Hotel Allegro in Oranjestad near the Holiday Inn where Holloway was staying.

Lejuez said the men were not working the night Holloway disappeared

Now this from the Prosecutor yesterday:

The Public Prosecutor’s Office doesn’t fail to notice that the investigation into the disappearance of Natalee Holloway draws a lot of interest from media and general public. However, this interest seems to be turning into a witch-hunt in which several persons are being harassed.

Like who, you? Karin Janssen? Who is being harassed? Premeditated Paulus? You make this statement after interviewing Joran van der sloot?

You flew all the way to Holland to listen to that?

The corruption continues...

Superior Court
January, 2007

The possible involvement of Paulus with that could then be deducted from the file with the official reports of witnesses, amongst which two people suggested a contact existed between Paulus and Natalee Holloway the night of her disappearance, and a taped report (that was given by the Prosecutor in her final note 1 to the Court). The taped information and his declaration that he picked up Joran and Natalee by the McDonalds Palm Beach and brought them to the Holiday Inn, are clearly understood by the Dept. of Justice, and could in the judgement of this Superior Court, be considered as an indication of the involvement of Paulus in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

Joran Van der Sloot
Suspect Statement
June 14, 2005

At approximately 12.30 (May 31, 2005) my dad and me had arrived at Bubali police station. I was interviewed as a witness. I cannot remember that in my statement I had said that I had been at Fisherman's Huts with Natalee. I might be possible that I stated that.

Deepak Kalpoe
Witness Statement
May 31, 2005

On your question if Joran and the girl had stepped from my car at the Fisherman’s Huts and walked by the sea; I will answer you no.

Satish Kalpoe
Witness Statement
May 31, 2005

On your question if Joran and the girl had gotten out of the car at the Fisherman’s Huts and walked by the sea; I answer you no. Joran and the girl never got out of Deepak’s car.