Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Bloodbath at the Van der sloots

The silence in Aruba now by it's "leadership" is very deafening.

The Quiet Shame.

Do they admit, what went on here in total, or continue to coverup, corrupt and deny justice for Natalee Holloway?

What better time to admit you were duped by the van der sloots?

Nobody will care if the Prime Minister has dirty dealings with the drug trade, nobody will care if you were looking after Aruba's interests financially, we get it.

But the savagery that happened at the Van der sloot home must be revealed.

When Dutch investigators finally took a fresh look at the case almost 2 years late, the first place they came and took samples was the van der sloot house.

They were looking for blood, Natalee's blood.

Did she bleed in the Kalpoe's car before or after she arrived at the van der sloots?

The Dutch have been telling us what happened. You don't have charges like premeditated murder, rape and heavy battery for "nothing to do with her disappearance."

Natalee's body being moved multiple times? Virtually every official in Aruba has contributed to a painting of what happened here. But they cannot unleash the truth about what happened at the van der sloots.

It scares them that they were that close to evil.

Because there have been no convictions in Aruba courts doesn't mean their words are false, if anything it reveals more of the truth.

Joran walking free now is not amazing if you consider the former prosecutor Karin Janssen wrote the U.S. Justice Department inquiring if Beth Holloway was related to Hitler.

That tells you what we're up against here.

It's a political decision now. Aruba is acting much more like Joran than a country that cares about justice or about Natalee, she's a problem.

It's long way from the original spokesperson, Ruben Trapenburg to whom now speaks for Aruba: Joe Tacopina. It says alot that a famous defense lawyer for criminals is the spokesperson. How many have come and go?

Even still, we have common ground.

I can understand covering up, in the moment, and can forgive it. But not until the murder of Natalee Holloway at the van der sloot house is exposed.

You can't wash Natalee's blood off your hands. See, look.

The next phase for Aruba is worse. Explaining how when 2 innocent black security guards were arrested it was "murder. " The Chief of Police and the Prosecutor said so.

Yet they were also asking Beth if Natalee had a history of seizures. Why would they ask that?

10 days in jail, time to clean up and write the beach story.

But when the guards were released and Joran and the Kalpoe's arrested.

It became a "disappearance."

Why not stop the pretense that there is an investigation, there isn't. Stop the pretense of some legal justice in this case, their won't be.

If Aruba doesn't see any benefit in holding the van der sloot's accountable now, they never will.

The way Joran treated Natalee is exactly the way Aruba treated Beth.