Monday, February 11, 2008

Remembering Jossy Mansur

"The world is watching."

How often is that literally true?

Jossy Mansur, editor of Diario is one of the most fascinating characters in this story. He may even be iconic if this was an HBO production.

Mr. Mansur has maintained a chivalrous attitude and stance with Natalee and with Beth. He has written passionately in their defense from the beginning.

Since I started my blog, I've met 2 people who know Jossy, have been to his house, that in itself is amazing. But, clearly a man who's found a niche. The rumors of "dirty dealings" are more like sunburn in Aruba.

His outrage at the treatment of Natalee and Beth is something that I find very pure. For whatever reason, his being offended by that is a step toward trust.

His patience, eloquence in the name of Natalee have been a blessing...

and yet,

He didn't sway opinion in Aruba, Joran van der sloot did, and it took a reporter from Holland to serve that up.

Why are authorities in Aruba more afraid of the foreign media than one's in their own neighborhood?

Only until recently did Aruba empathize with Natalee's mother?

How sick is that? Nobody believed Jossy or was he too timid?

Or is his moral outrage just not that motivating to the average citizen?

Jossy Mansur is uniquely positioned to expose the truth. Will he do it? We read rumors of his health, his past, his physical danger etc. Nevertheless, it's his defining moment, obviously.

Paulus van der sloot, Jan van der straaten, Karin Janssen, Dennis Jacobs. The adults in this story. Let's read about them? The Chief of Police, The Chief Prosecutor, The Lead Dectective, and this case isn't solved? Really Jossy, you're feigned innocent shoulder shrug that looks cute on TV is getting tiring.

Do you find the world watching safer or more dangerous?

Why are you waiting for an Aruban Legal System nobody understands to define what happened to Natalee Holloway and the investigation?

While I understand your house is nice, an appearance of wealth and success. It's all nothing if you don't grasp this moment. You are here for this, can you see it?

My respect for you is matched by my expectation, my hope and envy that you would take a stand right here and right now. Your past and present just antidotes compared to right now.

I love when you took down the van der sloot's U.S. attorney on at least two occasions. I was with you, but in the big picture it still took Joran's words to bring this case more in focus.

Still, the end is with the adults.

Tell us how it's possible this case is still supposedly unsolved?

Start with Paulus van der sloot and name names. Or was the OM referring to Diario when it asked the Media to shut up? The road to your greatness comes at a price, right?

Be remembered as a guy who went all in, because it was right. The Holloways have lost Natalee, what do you have to lose?

It's all there for you.