Thursday, December 04, 2008

Aruba: The Obvious is obvious again.

It's news again that the obvious is obvious?

The Minister of Justice, Rudy Croes, the guy who's office released a statement saying Natalee was dead, one of the suspects had confessed and was leading Police to the "body" is admitting that Jan van der straaten conspired with Paulus van der sloot to cover up a crime.


But while it's taken 3 1/2 years to admit the obvious, what that crime was, is the next horror to come from this nightmare.

Even if they are all lies, what kind of people dream up words like rape, heavy battery, kidnapping, premediated murder, slave trafficking, and just toss it into their "stories."

9 people were arrested with this kind of language and both Janssen, the prosecutor and van der straaten the Chief of Police have admitted Natalee is dead. But they won't tell us how they know?

But you arrest people with those kind of charges and still call her "disappeared." I guess that's true but why not arrest someone for jaywalking in this case? What's the difference.

Or is it that it's all true? She was targeted and slaughtered and thrown away, like a do-over when all the poison of the Dutch had a zit pop in Aruba.

It's true that a Minister in Holland didn't want the fact that Joran was Dutch to be obvious. And They call Americans arrogant.

The shame is holding these savages hostage, and you know it takes alot. What happened to Natalee hasn't hurt Aruba, it is Aruba. Maybe Rudy Croes knows it.

Basically van der straaten, and the prosecutor Karin Janssen, decided that placing the interests of a friend ahead of the kidnapping, raping and murder of anyone, was the right thing to do.

Blacks are for framing and women are disposable. This is Dutch ruled Aruba.

How does someone get that way? And the cynism of using 2 black security guards. This is an island, not Amsterdam. Natalee was not on the beach. She wasn't in the dunes, people were looking there and they were looking on the beach.

She was where they didn't look, couldn't look, covered up.

She was at the Van der sloot house, and the Chief of Police knew it. Karin Janssen gave him 10 days.

He and Janssen called it murder and arrested 2 security guards, knowing Natalee was dead at the van der sloots.

10 days, the break for Paulus and he cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and paid for help cleaning and paid to get rid of Natalee.

If there was enough committment to this story, then we are not even half way through.

These cowards and thin skinned Dutch in Aruba have nothing else but this crime and they don't realize it. It's their King Kong, without it the islanders, they have nothing. Just poseurs that Hans Mos comes in all clean and professional looking, lots of serious promises, then nothing. Just another arrogant coward. Not a call to Beth Holloway, ever?

If jan van der straaten was covering up, what do you call what Hans Mos is doing? Him and Janssen. He wears shoes and socks on the beach and she in heels. Yeah, they are real "hands on."

Natalee has been chased and pushed from the bar to the van der sloot house to the dunes to the pond to the beach to the ocean and to a cage on the ocean floor to Venezuela.

And she was dead the whole time. For an accident? I don't think so.

This was a bad crime and I really believe the truth will be numbing. And is gives me some solace to know, just know, that van der straaten, van de sloot and janssen see Natalee's face every day.

I know it.