Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jan van der straaten: "Corrupt to the Core"

True words spoken by Beth Holloway. In the battle for Natalee's body.

Jan van der stratten as Chief of Police battled to control Natalee's remains. Possibly for as long as 10 days. He lost.

No body, no crime applied to the security guards too. But they had a body, Natalee's body.

Paulus got nervous with the plan and wouldn't go along with the Chief of Police, his friend Jan van der straaten. The epilepsy routine wouldn't work, even with the internet research Paulus had done on his computer while Natalee was ON HIS PROPERTY.

So Paulus got rid of Natalee, completely. He called the Police fools, as did the security guards.

When Van der straaten thought he had a body, he was charging the innocent guards with homicide. When they couldn't put the whole thing together (Beth just wouldn't "shut up") because in their world, Paulus's screwed up Jan's cover-up. Paulus knew the Law, "no body, no crime."

Paulus "slipped her in the water." Abstract words from Paulus's wooden puppet Joran.

Then came a confirmation of Natalee's death, it was broadcast worldwide.

But wait, it was claimed to have been mis-information. Especially the part about "leading police to the body."

That's when Natalee was gone.

From "murdered" to "disappeared."

I guess they were smoking marijuana? Or was Janssen high when she arrested Paulus?

He just wouldn't listen.

Premeditated Paulus.

June 11th the stalemate began...
"Something bad happened ... "

Possible Break in the Case

"One of three young men who took Alabama student Natalee Holloway to the beach in Aruba tells police the 18-year-old American had been harmed. An Aruban police official said the man was leading police to the scene."VAN DER STRAATEN

Aruba officials are now denying that the "something bad happened" statement was made (at least in that form) and that no one has offered to lead law-enforcement to the scene. VAN DER SLOOT

Not according to Mr.Trapenberg, spokesperson for Aruba. He just just shared some information on FOX denying the confession but not vehemently denying that "something bad happened". He was tacitly implying that a confession could have been made but that the manner in which the information was deceminated-to the media-might have been a breach of protocol. VAN DER SLOOT VAN DER STRAATEN

In a recent press conference the authorities said that they are aware of some rumors that is going on since yesterday night, but they are not confirming them neither denying them and they are at the point that this case will be resolved soon. And that all the five suspects are detained think we will have soon news in the next hours. VAN DER STRAATEN

Another arrest has just been made. VAN DER STRAATEN

"Natalee's body has been found." FOX News. VAN DER STRAATEN